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Sunday, August 30th 2015

Brewery Spotlight:
Q & A with Flying Mouse Brewery

Tucked away in the Blue Ridge Mountains outside of Roanoke - in the small town of Troutville, Virginia - lies the Flying Mouse Brewery. Founded in 2013, Flying Mouse focuses their attention on brewing "unique session beers".

(CC) Tell us a litle bit about Flying Mouse's background as a brewery

(FM) The idea for the brewery was hatched by brewer Frank Moeller while sitting at his desk at an engineering office dreaming of going full time with his brewing. His wife, Debbie, tired of hearing Frank complain about his day job, pushed Frank into enrolling in brew school. That set the path to the Flying Mouse brewery, opened in 2013 in Troutville, Virginia. Frank does all the brewing and manages operations while Debbie handles finances. Frank's brother, Chris, creates the art and designs for the Flying Mouse brand. Two other partners, John Garrett and Jim Trexel, handle marketing efforts and assist with the process. And then, of course, there's Bartleby Hopsworth, our inventor adventurer flying mouse mascot.

Bartleby Hopsworth hard at work

(CC) Who is Bartleby Hopsworth?

(FM) Bartleby is an adventurous inventor mouse and our mascot. Our brewery name is derived from the English translation of fledermaus, the German word for "bat". The idea of a small mouse with big ambitions inspired Frank's idea for the brewery and the brand. Chris further imagined an inventor mouse who dreamed of flight, tinkering in a steampunk vision of the Victorian era. Since both brothers are avid comic book fans, we wanted the character and our logo to be iconic and memorable. After countless sketches, Bartleby was brought to life. He appears in all the brewery artwork and design, all of which are created by Chris.

(CC) Why did you choose to can your beer?

(FM) Flying Mouse was founded on the idea that a great beer can go well with any outdoor activity. We are the “anti-couch potato” brewery. We design beer recipes that aren’t too heavy or overwhelming, making them a great carry-along for any outdoor activity or adventure. Our brewery is located less than a half-mile from the Appalachian Trail and our driveway links to Bike Route 76, the TransAmerica Bicycle Route. With this in mind, cans are really the only choice. This works well since science supports the fact that, compared to bottles, cans are actually the better beer container. Cans do not let in light or air, preserve a fresh taste, are lightweight and easy to pack in / pack out.

Taphandles in the Flying Mouse taproom

(CC) Do you have a canning line or do you work with a mobile canning operation?

(FM) We are working with a mobile canning company until we grow to the point of getting our own canning machine. So, drink more Flying Mouse beer and help us get one soon!

Flying Mouse can designs by Chris Moeller

(CC) Which beers are you currently canning?

(FM) We are currently canning two of our flagship beers, the Flying Mouse 4 Smooth-Hop IPA and the Flying Mouse 8 Porter. Since the brewery opened, these have been our most popular styles. This Fall, we hope to start canning our Brown Ale, and possibly another seasonal beer for the holidays. We have many more beers available in our Mousetrap tap room at the brewery and hope to get more types of beer in cans in the coming years.

Beer Descriptions:

Flying Mouse 4 - an American IPA

Flying Mouse Four

Foundation Style: IPA

Bright and sunny, this golden ale has a sweet aroma and a clean, fresh finish. Crafted from an India Pale Ale foundation, the Flying Mouse Four greets the palate with a fruity malt character, balanced with a smooth, herbal and floral combination of several hops. Simply Fantastic! Take a sip, be inspired, do great things.

ABV 7.2 | IBU 70 | OG 18°P

Flying Mouse 8 - an American Porter

Flying Mouse Eight

Foundation Style: Porter

Dark and moody, this smoky, full-flavored ale sports a creamy head and modest hop bitterness. Crafted from a Porter foundation, the Flying Mouse Eight has a smooth, chocolate malt flavor without the heaviness of many dark beers, providing an enjoyable brew that will get the gears turning with each sip.

ABV 5.3 | IBU 40 | OG 14°P 

(CC) What can you tell us about your can designs?

(FM) Our cans are designed with a clean and simple aesthetic. We number our beers instead of naming them to keep to a more scientific method in line with our steampunk-inventor theme. Our beers are numbered light to dark, offering a guide to the beer's flavor profile. The can designs for our flagship beers showcase the beer number paired with a bold color and iconic Bartleby front and center. As we roll out seasonals we will be playing with thematic designs for the cans. Stay tuned!

Inside the brewhouse at Flying Mouse Brewery

(CC) Where are cans of Flying Mouse available?

(FM) Flying Mouse beers are available on draft and in 6-packs across Virginia and West Virginia.  

To learn more about Flying Mouse Brewery check out their website and/or visit their brewery!

Do you know a brewery we should feature on CraftCans.com? If so, drop us a line at info AT craftcans.com. Cheers!

Posted by Russ


Mississippi Fire Ant
Date: March 31st, 2014
Style: American Amber/Red Ale
Brewery: Southern Prohibition Brewing
Hattiesburg, Mississippi  
United States  
Container: 16 oz. can
Malts: ???
Hops: ???
ABV: 8.0%
IBUs: 80
By: Russ
Can Scale: