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Sunday, December 30th 2012

13 Craft Cans to Look For in 2013

With 2012 coming to a close, its time to look ahead to 2013 and all the beers we have to look forward to. When it comes to canned craft beer, 2013 will certainly be a year in which we see more breweries, both new and established, putting their beers in cans. Already we know that there will be some big beers coming to cans next year and even one that's brewed with big balls. Whether you're a big fan of craft beer, a collector of craft beer cans, or both, there is certainly a lot to be excited about in the coming year. With that being said, here is our list of "13 Craft Cans to Look for in 2013!" Enjoy!


Brewery Vivant | Grand Rapids, Michigan

Brewery Vivant will be making some history when they can their Hubris Quadrupel Anniversary Ale. It will be the first of the style to be canned and at 11.5% it will be the strongest craft brew in a can to date. Hubris is made with "a copious amount of brown sugar" with "big caramel and brown sugar flavors swimming on top of one of Vivant's favorite Belgian yeast strains."

Wynkoop Brewing Company | Denver, Colorado

After a hoax that ended up becoming a real beer, Wynkoop will be brewing up more of their (in)famous Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout in 2013 - and this time they'll be putting it in hand-labeled cans as part of their "Even Smaller Batch Series". If you missed the story behind this beyond unique beer you can learn more HERE...and yes, this beer is made with real bull testicles.

Renegade Brewing Company | Denver, Colorado

Voted "2nd Best Beer in Colorado for 2011" by the readers of Denver Off the Wagon, Renegade's E3 Elevation Triple India Pale Ale clocks in at 11% and over 100 IBUs thanks to massive amounts of Summit hops. Thankfully this huge beer will come in a manageable 12 oz. can!

21st Amendment Brewery | San Francisco, California

Sporting another amazing design from the creative folks at Bend, Oregon's TBD Agency, 21st Amendment's Sneak Attack Saison will be giving your palate a break from all those porters and stouts this winter. The brewery's late-winter seasonal brew is a Belgian-style Farmhouse Ale that is "dry hopped with whole organic cardamom pods....and has an assertive spiciness. In your face, winter."

Ballast Point Brewing Company | San Diego, California

One of the nation's best IPA's, Ballast Point's Sculpin, is headed to cans in 2013 and we're very much looking forward to getting our hands on some of these hoppy fish. Ballast Point purchased a canning line earlier this month and also has plans to can their Longfin Lager and Pale Ale.

Sixpoint Brewing Company | Brooklyn, New York

"Made with Mast Brothers Chocolate cacao husks and infused with fresh Stumptown Coffee Roasters cold brew, and then aged on oak. Arriving late January in 12 oz sleek cans, and on draft....Its 2013, and the Mad Scientists have struck again." 3 Beans will be the brewery's second slim can release, which makes sense considering it weighs in at 10% alc., 77 IBUs, and filled to the brim with coffee and cocoa goodness.

Sun King Brewing Company | Indianapolis, Indiana

Get ready for more resealable 16 oz. Alumi-Tek® bottles from Sun King. The Indiana brewers that were one of the first to design a can that could be customized and filled with multiple style has also designed an aluminum bottle for their "King's Reserve" series. The first beer to fill those bottles will be their award-winning Belgian-style Quadruple known as The Velvet Fog

 Bale Breaker Brewing Company | Yakima, Washington

When it comes to hops, fresher is better. It doesn't get much fresher than this. Bale Breaker Brewing is located in the middle of a family hop farm right in the middle of Washington's Yakima Valley. Look for cans of their Top Cutter IPA and Field 41 Pale Ale in the coming months. 

Tin Man Brewing Company | Evansville, Indiana 

3 Gear is one of four cans that will soon be coming down the line at the new Tin Man Brewing Company in Evansville. A big, roasty porter that will come in a pint can, 3 Gear should make all the malt lovers out there happy and provide another much needed porter option in a can.


Uncommon Brewers | Santa Cruz, California 

It was about a year ago that we did a Q & A with Alec Stefansky from Uncommon Brewers and he mentioned that they were looking to can their 14.5% "American Special Bitter" in "stubby" 8 oz. cans. Although it didn't happen in 2012 we're excited to see if little cans of this big brew hit shelves in 2013. 


Maui Brewing Company | Lahaina, Hawaii

Maui's Aloha B'ak'tun is the brewery's latest seasonal canned release. It's a "Belgian style Stout brewed with Big Island chocolate, locally-grown chipotle peppers and cinnamon. This delicious stout is currently available on draft at the Maui Brewing Co. brewpub and is being canned for distribution to retailers by mid-January."


Clipper City Brewing Company | Baltimore, Maryland

Clipper City plans to can several of their Heavy Seas beers in 2013. One that we're definitely excited about is their Loose Cannon IPA. A very solid, uber hoppy IPA that should be another great addition to the plethora of excellent IPAs now available in cans. Cans of Loose Cannong should hit shelves in the spring. Also, look for Davy Jones Lager, a summer seasonal, as well as their Imperial Oktoberfest in cans later in the year. 


SanTan Brewing Company | Chandler, Arizona

The one and only Sex Panther from SanTan. Designer Michal Mason did a great job turning the Sex Panther artwork into a great looking can design for this late winter seasonal. A double chocolate porter that's "brewed with Colonial Rosewood Cocoa and large amounts of Chocolate malt giving this beer a huge chocolaty flavor combined with hints of truffle and molasses. Summit hops are used to balance the sweetness and White Wheat is added to give Sex Panther a smooth, creamy head that lasts all night!" Cans will be released on January 7th!

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