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Wednesday, December 29th 2010

The CraftCans.Com Top 10 of 2010!

Top ten lists are always going to bring about debate and certainly ours will be no exception. The following beers, listed in NO particular order, are those that stood out this past year for us. We should point out that not all of these were released for the first time this year and certainly these were not picked based on any sort of rankings. If you tried a can of craft beer this year that really stood out feel free to let us know! We'd love to hear from you. Cheers!



Posted by Russ

Friday, December 24th 2010

Rookies of the Year
(2010 Year End Shout Outs)

Over thirty breweries started canning their beers in 2010. Pretty amazing considering that less than ten years ago the absolute total at one time was ONE! Here are our shout outs to those breweries that had a great rookie year. Cheers!

Here we go...


Sun King in Indianapolis, Indiana

Sun King is the first production brewery to exist in Indianapolis in over 60 years. Their first year has brought nothing but success and their three canned releases (Osiris Pale Ale, Sunlight Cream Ale and Wee Mac Scottish Ale) are all outstanding. They are definitely one of our favorite new breweries. Look for more from these guys in the years to come! Visit them at www.sunkingbrewing.com!


Tallgrass Brewing Company in Manhattan, Kansas

Hailing from the so-called "Little Apple" in the middle of the country is Tallgrass Brewing Company. Although they are not new to brewing they are new to canning. They said goodbye to bottles last year, bought and installed and canning line and now package five of their beers in 16 oz. pint cans. We love the designs and the beers behind them. For more check out www.tallgrassbeer.com!


Half Acre Beer Company in Chicago, Illinois

Half Acre has really made a name for themselves this past year. Along with a great number of amazing bottles beers they've also released two outstanding canned brews (Daisy Cutter Pale Ale and Gossamer Golden Ale) with more on the way next year. These guys know quality and are doing things with lots of class in the Windy City. We look forward to whatever comes next from Half Acre. Check them out at www.halfacrebeer.com!



SanTan Brewing Company in Chandler, Arizona

SanTan is one of eight breweries canning their beers in the Grand CANyon State. We loved SanTan's HopShock IPA and can't wait to try three other brews (Devil's Ale, HefeWeizen Wheat and Epicenter Amber Ale) they also put into cans for the first time this year. Hopefully we'll see more from them in the future as well. For more check about SanTan check out www.santanbrewing.com!


Santa Fe Brewing Company in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe Brewing is yet another brewery that had been bottling for quite some time before getting into the canning game. They have, however, truly embraced the can in their first year. Along with their year-round canned release, Happy Camper IPA, they've also release three canned seasonal brews this year; Freestyle Pilsner, Oktoberfest and just recently an Imperial Java Stout (must get some of that)! Look for a canned Belgian-style beer next year as well. For more check out www.santafebrewing.com!


Additional Shout Outs...




Next Up: Our Top 10 of 2010!

Posted by Russ

Thursday, December 23rd 2010

Ska Brewing Moves To
Regional Craft Brewer Status


Good things come in threes! This is our third Ska Brewing related post in a row and its certainly great news for them. They've maxed out of microbrewery status and moved on to regional craft brewery status. Congrats to everyone at Ska, what a way to end the year! We look forward to next year and great things ahead. - CraftCans.Com


Ska Brewing Moves To Regional Craft Brewer Status

DURANGO, COLO., (Dec. 23, 2010) —Ska Brewing announced today that they have brewed more than 15,000 barrels of beer in 2010, moving them from the “microbrewery” designation to the more important sounding “regional craft brewery” designation. This change means that Ska is no longer the largest microbrewery in the United States, and instead has just become the nation’s smallest regional craft brewery.

The American Brewers Association designates breweries that produce less than 15,000 barrels a year as microbreweries, while regional craft breweries are those that produce between 15,000 and 2,000,000 barrels annually. As of July 31, 2010, the Brewers Association reported 534 microbreweries in the United Sates, and 71 regional craft breweries.  

Dave Thibodeau, Ska President and Co-Founder, tells the story: “It’s amazing how much your life can change in the course of a day. Just yesterday we were king of the ‘micros’ at 14,957 barrels, ruling the land with an iron-clad brew glove, and now here we are 20 hours later scraping the bottom of the regional barrel.”

The change in status caps a year of milestones for the Colorado regional craft brewery in which they celebrated their 15th anniversary, announced double-digit sales growth and had over a dozen signs made that say “REGIONAL CRAFT BREWER PARKING ONLY”.

“I put one up this morning,” says Thibodeau.


About Ska Brewing

Based in Durango, Colorado, Ska Brewing was founded in 1995 and now produces over a dozen award-winning beers including the Pinstripe Red Ale, True Blonde Ale and Steel Toe Stout. Three Ska beers are now widely available in cans: ESB Special Ale, True Blonde, and Modus Hoperandi India Pale Ale. For more information, music and a good time, visit www.skabrewing.com

Posted by Russ

Thursday, December 23rd 2010

Q & A with Dave Thibodeau
(Ska Brewing Company)

Ska Brewing Company is a household name for many when it comes to craft beer (including the canned variety of course). They've been around for 15 years now, they distribute widely, and they certainly make some excellent products. Ska is currently undergoing a second expansion (including the recent installation of a second canning line) and we wanted to know a little bit more about that, as well as some other things, so we contacted Ska co-founder and President, Dave Thibodeau.

Dave is one of the three co-founder's of Ska and was generous enough to take time out of his day to share his answers to our questions. If you read carefully you'll certainly be excited by some of the things that Dave has to say. Cheers Dave!

Ska's ESB Special Ale won bronze at GABF this year

(CC) Ska became the second craft brewery to put their beer in cans when your Special ESB was canned in 2003. Did you guys ever foresee the day when so many other craft breweries would also be canning their beers?

(DT) Good Question—we had just bought a new bottling line when the can idea came along, so although we thought it was a great idea we were hesitant to cannibalize our bottle sales. This is where we have to hand it to Oskar Blues--They had the balls to just go for it, put what at the time was a fairly big sticky pale ale in cans, and tell the world! Had it been anyone else, I don’t think the canned craft beer curve would be nearly as steep. As soon as we saw what our Colorado brethren were doing, we had to go for it as well! I really think OB’s marketing efforts and Dale’s Pale Ale deserve much of the credit.


Euphoria Pale Ale in a can and on a board!

(CC) You guys partner with Venture Snowboards for your Euphoria Pale Ale, for the only brewing company/snowboard company partnership that I can think of. How exactly did all that come to be?

(DT) Well, we used to brew a special India Pale Ale for Purgatory Ski Area in the Winter, but they were going to close the main lodge (and the beer’s namesake) and we wanted to alter the recipe and make the beer a bit more broadly available. Venture is owned by Klem and Lisa Branner, a very cool couple with similar ideals as far as business, sustainability, and fun go, and we thought it would be a sweet partnership and we liked the idea that both of our products were “Hand-crafted in the Mighty San Juans.” Not only that, but they make high-end boards, and what company wouldn’t want their own custom limited board every year? Oh, and they LOVE good craft beer!


(CC) We love the labels and artwork on both Ska's bottles and cans. Who is the artist behind all those great graphics?

(DT) When we first started we wrote a comic book about our battle with Rotgutzen (www.rotgutzen.com) and their CEO, the hated and feared Pinstripe Red. Originally our friend Matt Rousseau (of Your Flesh Tattoo) came up with the Ska logo, the Pinstripe logo, and the True Blonde logo, and then we continued to play out the comic book piecemeal on our labels and packaging with the help of another artist, Dorn Roberts. Dorn has done everything for the last 14 years. You’ll notice that most of the labels and many of the beer names feature characters from the comic.

Ska currently cans four of their beers

(CC) Ska currently cans four of their beers. With the planned expansion in 2011, can we expect to see any new canned offerings in the near future?

(DT) You can, can. For the first time since we started making our summer seasonal Mexican Logger 10 years ago, we will not only be packaging it in cans, but we will be making it available in our markets outside of Durango. It’s a crisp, refreshing lager that the town of Durango has always loved to cram limes in and drink an extreme amount of. This spring we’re increasing our capacity 70% by adding outdoor fermenters, and therefore alleviating the pain for thirsty summer lager drinkers elsewhere in the universe. It’s still on the D.L., but in addition to the Mexican Logger, you’ll more than likely see a series of 4 new Ska cans in the next year!


"...in addition to the Mexican Logger, you’ll more than likely see a series of 4 new Ska cans in the next year!"


(CC) Are American craft beer drinkers ready for big beers in cans or will we continue to mainly see the more approachable/session brews being canned? 

(DT) I think they are ready, but at the same time I know my own tastes keep fluctuating—right now I’m not drinking nearly as many big beers as I have been for the last few years. I’m liking well-made sessionable beers. I tend to drink many beers, and I guess I’m in fill-the-recycling-bin-to-the-top mode right now. That being said, those 4 beers I mentioned in the question above certainly aren’t session beers!


(CC) Is Colorado king when it comes to canned craft beers?

(DT) I’d put us in “Pioneer” status, and royalty for sure. Yeah, yeah I think Colorado is King.


(CC) What beer(s) will be in your fridge this holiday season?

(DT) We’re fortunate in that we’re also a wholesaler in SW Colorado and we distribute a lot of our friend’s beers—Don’t tell them this, but we probably drink more of it than we sell! Anyhow, I’ve got a nice stash of limited and seasonal beers from them including Left Hand’s Fade to Black and Wake Up Dead, as well as Stone’s 10-10-10 Vertical Epic, Avery Old Jubilation and Bristol’s Winter Warlock. This sounds a bit counter to my “sessionable” beer kick I just referenced earlier, so to balance it out I’ll drink a lot of Ska Euphoria.


(CC) What is something people may not know about Ska Brewing Company?

(DT) We started back in 1995 because it seemed a better way to support our beer festival habit—we’d bring beer, get in for free, and get hotel rooms in exchange for the beer, and the rooms were a hell of a lot nicer than my car that I lived in that first year!


Ska Brewing Company Media Resources



Posted by Russ

Wednesday, December 21st 2010

Ska Brewing and Venture Snowboards make boards and brews together

Ska Brewing Company and Venture Snowboards share a number of things in common. Geographically speaking their both in the southwestern corner of Colorado, a long way from Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins. They're also both businesses that were born and raised in the mountains with an emphasis on the outdoors and being active. And, come winter time, they together form the only brewing and snowboard company collaboration in the nation with an annual co-release of two very sought after products.

The two companies have been working together each winter since 2004, when Ska Brewing first released Euphoria Pale Ale in a can and Venture first hand-built a limited number of custom snowboards with graphics relative to that of the award-winning canned brew. Each year both are unleashed at an Annual Season Kickoff celebration at nearby Silverton Mountain. Not a bad way to welcome winter if you ask us!

Ska, which was the second brewery in Colorado to can their beers, cans Euphoria and three other brews. Euphoria is their only seasonal canned release and if you haven't had it we definitely recommend it.

Ska describes their Euphoria Pale Ale thusly:

“This seasonal beer is brewed in the Do It Yourself (DIY) spirit along with our friends from Bayfield at the Venture Snowboard Factory. An India Pale Ale, the Euphoria is crafted with piles and piles of Golding hops to provide a unique spicy finish. Great for after hitting the slopes. Anarchic enlightenment: (1) Brewed in strict accordance to D.I.Y. methodology, the beer of choice for epic powder days. (2) brewed and bottled (I think they mean canned) by Ska Brewing Company, Durango Colorado using the finest hops, yeast, malted barley and San Juan waters.”

(click above for review of Euphoria Pale Ale)

Venture Snowboards, which is located at almost 10,000 ft., is a small snowboard company with lots of heart. They make some amazing snowboards totally by hand and are one of a select few companies still doing so in this country. 

The Euphoria snowboard they made, unfortunately, is not as accessible as the beer Ska brews. If you didn't win the one they were giving away at the Season Kickoff  I am not really sure how you'll get your hands on one. You may need to contact the folks at Venture directly. If you do, ask them if they have anymore of the limited run Modus Hoperandi boards (pictured below)!


Venture's limited run Modus Hoperandi snowboard


It's always nice to see two company's work together and combine their passions. Hopefully we'll see two breweries that can their beers come together for a collaborative canned brew in the near future as well. 

Hoppy Winter Everyone!


Posted by Russ


Tuesday, December 21 2010

More Than Cans!
(2010 Year End Shout Outs)

These shoutouts go out to some of the things that aren't canned and drinkable but made a big impact on us as beer lovers this past year. We may love canned craft beer but there is room in our hearts for lots of other great beer things as well! Cheers!

Here we go...



Silipints are made of 100% silicone and are 100% unbreakable. Take one of these on your next camping trip to pour all your favorite canned brews into. The 16 oz. pint "glass" above can be yours by completing the Bend Ale Trail. Otherwise, keep an eye on the Silipint site for upcoming retail sales. Visit www.silipint.com for more!



Brewshoes Footwear

Rogue Ales and Rogue Shoes have teamed up to make the most essential footwear for any beer lover! These are comfortable, they wear well and they even have a sole complete with a beer bottle pattern. Did we mention they come in colors such as Mocha Porter and American Amber. Check them out at www.brewshoes.com!


Can-shaped Glassware

Oskar Blues debuted these at Burning Can, their all-canned beer festival this past summer. Since then I've seen a few other breweries using/selling them as well. What better way to promote great canned beer, that should be poured into a glass, than by serving it in a 16 oz. glass-shaped like a can? Cheers!



All-Canned Beer Festivals

It all began with CANFEST 2009, the country's first all-canned beer festival held in Reno, Nevada and organized by the folks at Buckbean Brewing Company. This past fall, CANFEST 2010 was bigger and better and was joined by another all-canned beer festival. Oskar Blues' "Burning Can", an all-Colorado canned beer festival, was held in their hometown of Lyons this summer and proved a big success so look for it to be held again this summer. You can check out more about both these festivals by going to CANFEST and Burning Can!


PakTech Carriers

Eugene, Oregon's Paktech are the folks responsible for those colorful new can carriers/handles you're seeing on quite a few different canned craft beers these days. Made of #2 recyclable plastic, these carriers can go right in the recycling bin and their design keeps the tops of your cans clean and prevent any animals from becoming entangled. You can learn more about this company by reading the Q & A we did with them or by by going to PakTech's site.


Next Up: Rookies of the Year

Posted by Russ

Monday, December 20th 2010

Wee Mac Scottish Ale
(Sun King Brewing Company)

Wee Mac is the third, and most recent, canned release from Sun King Brewing Company out of Indianapolis. These pint-sized cans hit the shelves just over a month ago so be sure to grab some if you see them. With three canned releases in their first year we can't wait to see what Sun King has in store for their sophomore season. Cheers!

From the Sun King site:

"Wee Mac is a Scottish style Brown Ale. Fermented at cooler than normal temperatures to mimic the climate of Scotland. Wee Mac is an easy drinking brown ale that has a nice hazelnut character with rich toffee undertones. Hops are used sparingly in this beer and serve only to help balance the sweetness of the malt."

Here we go...


Pour - dark, dark amber brown, almost like unfiltered honey. Some reddish, orange colors glimmer when held to the light. Carbonation levels look spot on and the half inch of off-white head looks quite nice sitting atop this pour.


Aroma - sweet. Brown sugar, honey, caramel, stewed malts with some hints of vanilla cream and apple pie.


Taste - unfiltered cider, caramelized malts, raw sugar, honey, bran flakes and some subtle vanilla. Definitely toffee and caramel flavors coming into play. This is the type of beer that appeals to lots of folks. A little more oomph than a regular amber or brown ale but still approachable at all levels.


Overall - Lots of rich, sweet malty flavors abound. This is a malt lovers delight that is for sure. No mistakes here, just a great brew and a well done version of the style. Great third canned offering from the folks at Sun King! 


Would I buy more of it? - definitely. Like their other two canned offerings, Wee Mac is solid and delicious. Sun King has done a great job in their first year! Way to go!


Note - If you're wondering what the difference is between a "Wee Heavy or Scotch Ale" and a "Scottish Ale" you are not alone. A "Wee Heavy", or "Scotch Ale", is a stronger, sweeter version of your basic "Scottish Ale". Both styles are malty and sweet with plenty of caramel flavor and can sometimes have smoky undertones. For more on this check out Andy Crouch's write-up on his BeerScribe site...



Can Scale:
(See All Rated)
Wee Mac Scottish Ale
Style: Scottish Ale
Brewery: Sun King Brewing Company
Indianapolis, Indiana  
United States  
Container: 16 oz. can
Malts: ???
Hops: ???
ABV: 5.4%
IBUs: 23
Date: December 20th, 2010

Posted by Russ

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Monday, December 20th 2010

100 Reasons to Love Canned Beer!

Pictured above are 100 different cans of American Craft Beer. If you still need proof that great beer can come in a can...well...there you go! To read reviews of all 100 of these great canned beers (and more) go HERE!



Posted by Russ


Sunday, December 19th 2010

Buffalo Sweat
(Tallgrass Brewing Company)

With a name like "Buffalo Sweat" and a package like this how can you not be intrigued? This is one of only a handful of canned stouts available (right now anyways) and one that I definitely recommend trying if you get the chance.

From the Tallgrass site:

"We love this beer here at the brewery, and think you will have one of those “I’ve never-tasted-a-beer-like-that” kind of moments when you try it!

What we really like about this beer is the smoothness that brewing with cream sugar brings to the palate. This smoothness balances out the copious quantities of roasted barley used in the brewing process to create a rich, complex, and delicious beer. If you have not been a stout drinker in the past, give this beer a try. It might just change your mind about how dark beers should taste. It tastes so rich, but is surprisingly easy to drink!"

Here we go...

Pour - deep, dark mahogany and coffee-colored with a nice inch of mocha brown head on top.


Aroma - coffee grounds, milk chocolate, cocoa, dark chocolate and plenty of dark delicious malty goodness. Wow.


Taste - super smooth, almost creamy or velvety in texture. Tons of delicious coffee and cocoa flavors come out and cover the tongue. Nice and sweet but not cloying. The dark, roasty and malty flavors make this a great brew to drink on a cold winter evening. Love that coffee and cocoa combination!


Overall - low in alcohol but oh so rich in flavor. Tons of rich chocolate and coffee flavors make this just plain delicious. Another great brew from Tallgrass and definitely worth checking out if you have the chance.


Would I buy more of it? - definitely. I've got one more can and I will be sad when I have to say goodbye. 


Note - Tallgrass currently cans their IPA, Ale, Kold, Oasis and Buffalo Sweat beers. Cheers!


Can Scale:
(See All Rated)
Buffalo Sweat
Style: Milk Stout
Brewery: Tallgrass Brewing Company
Manhattan, Kansas  
United States  
Container: 16 oz. can
Malts: ???
Hops: ???
ABV: 5.0%
IBUs: 20
Date: December 19th, 2010

Posted by Russ

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Thursday, December 16th 2010

Limerick Contest Winner Announced!

First let us say thanks to everyone who entered. We had a lot of great submissions and wish we could reward everyone with free beer! Alas, we can not. It was a touch choice but we finally chose a winner. Congratulations goes out to Kellie Wells! She'll be receiving a nice little package in the mail soon. Below is her winning limerick. 

You can read all of the entries we received below. Thanks again everyone and a big thanks to Tallgrass Brewing Company!

(click above to read all entries)

Posted by Russ


Wednesday, December 15th 2010

Very Unique Gifts for Beer Lovers

make someone really happy and get them this stuff...

Are you sick of wading through all the rather tasteless and boring gift ideas for the beer lover(s) on your list? Beer of the Month Club? Meh. Monogrammed Beer Mug? Meh. Its all been done before. Here are some beer-related gift ideas that just might make you the best gift-giver in the world this year (okay, maybe)!

footwear for beer drinking (or just kicking it)

BREWSHOES brand footwear

Brewshoes are a joint venture between two great Oregon based companies, Rogue Shoes and Rogue Ales. You've probably heard of the latter. They make three different styles (both leather and canvas) and the colors are based on Rogue brews like their Mocha Porter (pictured above). I own a pair and absolutely love them. You can see more pictures and read a review HERE! 

Cost - $50-75  Link to Retailers


fresh beats with fresh beer = super fresh

The Pain Relievaz CDs or Vinyl

Sure, you've drank plenty of Sam Calagione's beers. But, have you heard him and Bryan Selders, Dogfish Head's head brewer, rap about brewing and the beer industry? Throw down a little cash and get Check Your Gravity on CD so you can hear The Pain Relievaz sing such memorable hits as "Brewers' Bling-Bling" and "I Got Busy with an AB Sales Girl". Also, now available on vinyl is their recent hit single "Bitches Brew" with "Pinchin' Pennies" as the B-side. You can even get Awesomeness = Yes, their "best of" album, on iTunes now! Awwwww yeeeeaaaaaah!

Cost - $8-10  Link to Retailer



wear this t-shirt, get 10 FREE pints of beer

Wynkoop Field Research Team T-shirt w/benefits

Denver-based Wynkoop Brewing Company has come up with something we truly love. Buy the "Field Research Team" t-shirt above for $25 and if you wear it any of 10 different drinking establishments in the city you get a free pint. Sure, it may help to live close to Denver but if you've got a trip planned this will help plan your pub crawl for you! 

Cost - $25  Link to Retailer


this is beyond hot sauce

Oskar Blues' Ten Fidy Hot Sauce made w/Ghost Chiles

Oskar Blues' Ten Fidy is a hell of a beer. Dark, strong and tasty and definitely something they should fill a St. Bernard's barrel with. This year Oskar Blues released a line of hot sauces made with their famous beers. The one you see above, Ten Fidy Hot Sauce, is definitely the most unique of the group. You see, its not only made with a 10.5% Imperial Stout but its also made with the infamous Ghost Chile (the hottest chile in the known galaxy). Get some of this for anyone who loves hot stuff and then watch them sweat it out! 

Cost - $10   Link to Retailer


be cool in the cold

Deschutes Brewery Toque/Beanie/Cap

Straight from the land of hipsters and great craft beer comes this old-school toque/beanie from Deschutes Brewery complete with a sweet tassly pom on top. This is the style of hat that reminds a lot of us of our childhoods. With this Deschutes hat on your head people are going to know that you are not only pretty fashionable but also a drinker of pretty awesome beers. Freezy freakies not included (remember those?).

Cost - $18  Link to Retailer

 If we missed anything you think is too good to pass up this holiday season please let us know! craftcans@gmail.com Cheers!

Posted by Russ


Wednesday, December 15th 2010

(Surly Brewing Company)

Surly's most recent release, WET, is also their 9th canned offering. This certainly sets Surly apart when it comes to offering the most diverse and varied portfolio of canned craft beers in the business. They are constant innovators and we really look forward to what they come up with next!


From the Surly site:


"2,400 lbs of hops picked freshly in oregon and shipped to Minnesota immediately. We brewed this beer three days later. This is a hop forward beer, dry with subdued malt flavors."


Here we go...


Pour - glowing bright orange. This looks outstanding in the glass. Clean and clear with a big, rich head on top. The rich, golden color of this is oh so nice. 


Aroma - wow, for a beer that was brewed a few months back and canned not that much afterwards this smells tremendous. Super fresh, green nuggets of goodness are what comes to mind as this goes from can to glass. The air is filled with a pungent aroma of pine, sweet orange along with a smell I'd equate to sweet iced tea with lemon. 


Taste - pucker up folks because you are in for a ride of humulus lupulus excitement. Big, bitter flavors up front with a very solid sweet citrus backing. The malt plays perfectly with the extremity of the hops and makes this big IPA about as balanced as is brewingly possible. All the stuff you love about those little green cones is crammed into this can for your enjoyment. Fresh-hopped beers do have a certain quality that is more raw, oily and intense and I love this one for all of those qualities. If you ever get the chance to get your hop-loving hands on cans of this beer I'd say go ahead and give up your an arm for them, c'mon you've got two!


Overall - absolutely outstanding. This is about as good as a fresh-hop IPA can get in our opinion. I love this beer and want the Surly delivery truck at my house every Thursday from now until eternity.


Availability - October (hops are harvested in the fall)


Would I buy more of it? -  like everything else that leaves the Surly brewery...yes, yes, a thousand times yes!


Note - We are pretty sure that Surly's WET is the first canned wet-hopped beer in the world. We are also sure that this ranks in the top 5 when it comes to hoppy beers that have ever been canned (and probably pretty high when it comes to hoppy beers period.)! 


Hops Scale:
(See All Rated)
Can Scale:
(See All Rated)
Style: American India Pale Ale
Brewery: Surly Brewing Company
Brooklyn Center, Minnesota  
United States  
Container: 16 oz. can
Malts: 2-Row, Crystal
Hops: Citra, Simcoe and Columbus
ABV: 7.5%
IBUs: 90
Date: December 15th, 2010

Posted by Russ

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Tuesday, December 14th 2010

Can it Please!
(2010 Year End Shout Outs)

Let me preface this post by saying that NONE of the cans of beer you are about to see are actually being canned. These are just mock-ups from us here at CraftCans.Com. Think of these as our little wish list for 2011 as we'd really love to be able see these beers canned sometime very, very soon! Cheers!

Here we go...


"Finest Kind IPA" from Smuttynose 

One of our favorite IPAs for years now. What we wouldn't do to be able to grab a six-pack of these aluminum beauties for a camping trip in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Fingers are crossed. Until they put this hoppy delight in cans you can check out all their other beers at www.smuttynose.com!


 Arrogant Bastard from Stone

Who doesn't love this beer? Yeah, it may never, ever, ever happen but a beer lover can dream. Until Stone puts this, or any of their other awesome beers in cans, you can check out www.stonebrew.com!


Rye Pale Ale from Terrapin

A very drinkable brew from the good folks at Terrapin down in Athens, Georgia. We love the banjo playing turtle and the beer he serenades. This is definitely one that would do well in a can. But, until that happens you can check out www.terrapinbeer.com!


Huma Lupa Licious from Short's

This one may actually happen. Short's is putting in a canning line and will begin offering some of their brews in cans in 2011. Which ones you might ask? Well, that is still to be decided. Maybe seeing this can will inspire them to put their Huma Lupa Licious IPA at the top of their list! For more check out www.shortsbrewing.com!

Gumballhead from Three Floyds 

Gumballhead is a American Pale Wheat Ale and one of the nation's highest rated at that. Named after a comic cat with a bad attitude, this light and refreshing brew would be perfect for a day on the water or anywhere outside for that matter. Three Floyd's may never encase this in beer in aluminum but just in case be sure to check out their site www.3floyds.com!


Additional Wishes/Shout Outs...

Russian River "Cansecration"


Next Up: More Than Cans

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Monday, December 13th 2010

Class of 2011!
(2010 Year End Shout Outs)

As the shift towards offering great craft beer in cans continues we're starting to get excited about what we can expect in 2011. Here are a few breweries whose canned of beers we're really looking forward to getting our hands on next year! Cheers!

Here we go...


Baxter Brewing Company in Lewiston, Maine

The beery brainchild of 25 year-old Luke Livingston, Baxter is Maine's newest brewery and the only all-canning brewery in the state (and all of New England). Baxter will unleash their Stowaway IPA and Pamola Extra Pale Ale beginning in January. For more check out www.baxterbrewing.com!


DC Brau Brewing Company in Washington, DC

DC Brau is set to become the District's one and only production brewery. Founder's Brandon Skall and Jeff Hancock have chosen cans as the medium for their art. They are set to distribute three different canned offerings as well as seasonal and special release brews. Look for The Public (American Pale Ale), The Citizen (a Belgian-style Pale Ale) and The Corruption (American IPA) in cans in 2011! For more check out www.dcbrau.com!


Short's Brewing Company in Bellaire, Michigan

Short's is not new to the world of craft beers. These guys have been making some amazing brews since 2004. Recently they announced plans to renovate their Bellaire, Michigan brewpub and expand their production which includes purchasing a canning line! Although no specific beers have been named, look for some exciting canned offerings from Short's in 2011 including perhaps their "Huma Lupa Licious IPA"! For more check out www.shortsbrewing.com!


Finch's Beer Company in Chicago, Illinois

Next year, Finch's Beer Company will be the new kid on the block in the busy Chicago beer scene. Finch's, whose namesake references founder Benjamin Finch, plans to start their canning with pint-sized cans of their Golden Wing Golden Ale and Cut Throat Pale Ale. For more check out www.finchbeer.com!

Good People Brewing Company in Birmingham, Alabama

Good People is already brewing great beers for draught lines all over their native Alabama. 2011 will be a special year for them as they begin canning some of those beloved brews. Look for their Brown Ale and IPA in cans first. These will be followed by their Coffee Oatmeal Stout, Snake Handler Double IPA, Hitchhiker IPA, and Pale Ale. Things are indeed looking good for Good People. For more check out www.goodpeoplebrewing.com!


Additional Shout Outs...

Next Up: Can It Please


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Sunday, December 12th 2010

Last chance to win some beer!

Our latest CAN-test is ending this week, on Wednesday, December 15th to be exact. This means you've only got three days to send us your best limerick involving beer. Below are some of our recent entries...


There once was a girl named Elly,
Who loved Tallgrass in her belly,
But when she got drunk,
She turned into a skunk,
Looking like Liza Minnelli!
-Elly Shariat


There once was a man from Cannecticut
Who brewed fine beer with etiquette
To bottle was pricey
But canning was dicey
His gamble paid off in the endicut
-Dale Miller


There once was a man named Dan
That had only the use of one hand
The glass that his wife had to sweep
Made him shudder, stammer and weep
So he came up with a crazy plan
And invented the 6-pack of cans
Now his wife is asleep
And dan's life is complete
Thanks to aluminum cans!
-Bob Phillips 


Thanks to everyone whose entered the contest thus far! If you want to win some free beer and have a limerick to submit please do so to craftcans@gmail.com! Cheers!



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Sunday, December 12th 2010

First in Line!
(2010 Year End Shout Outs)

This year we saw a ton of breweries begin putting out beers in cans. We also a number of beer styles being canned for the very first time. We wanted to take this opportunity to bring some much deserved attention to those beers and the breweries that were "First in Line" (some of which have been there for a few years now)! Cheers!

Here we go...

21st Amendment's "Back in Black"


Black IPAs are all the rage these days. Everyone is putting one on the shelves and we can thank 21st Amendment for canning the first with their release of Back in Black. Cheers to the crew at 21st Amendment Brewery in San Francisco, California!


Sly Fox's "Oktoberfest"

This year saw the release of three Oktoberfest (or Marzen) style beers in cans. Getting to the shelves first were the folks at Sly Fox with their Oktoberfest Lager. We loved the colors they used in the can design and the beer itself was easy drinking with a nice malty profile. Prosit to everyone at Sly Fox Brewing Company in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania!

Uncommon Brewers' "Siamese Twin Ale"

The very first Belgian Dubbel-style brew in a can. Siamese Twin is a very unique brew as its certified organic and brewed with such spices as kaffir lime, coriander and lemongrass. We are definitely excited about more Uncommon Brewers' canned releases coming in 2011 (including the very first canned Baltic Porter). Stay tuned! Well done everyone at Uncommon Brewers in Santa Cruz, California!



Wild Onion's "Pumpkin Ale"

Right in time to share the shelves with all those malty Autumnal beer releases came this unique gem from The Wild Onion Brewing Company. Wild Onion's Pumpkin Ale, with its attention grabbing packaging, is the first American pumpkin ale to grace the inside of an aluminum can. Cheers to Mike Kainz and his family and friends at The Wild Onion Brewing Company in Lake Barrington, Illinois!

Surly's "WET"

Surly has done it again. They've not only given us the first canned coffee beer (Coffee Bender), the first canned Saison/Farmhouse Ale (CynicAle) and the first canned Rye Beer (SurlyFest), they're now responsible for the very first canned wet hopped ale. Brewed with over a ton of freshly picked Citra and Simcoe, hops from Oregon, WET is one kick-ass brew in a can! Thanks to Omar and his diabolic crew at Surly Brewing Company in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota! You guys rock!


Additional Shout Outs...


Surly's CynicAle (Saison), SurlyFest (Rye Beer) and Coffee Bender

 Surly Brewing Company (Brooklyn Center, Minnesota)


Fireside Chat (Winter Spiced/Winter Warmer)

21st Amendment Brewery


Next Up: Class of 2011

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Monday, December 6th 2010

Oskar Blues Brewery - EVOLUTION

Oskar Blues Brewery - 2010 EVOLUTION VIDEO

A great video that offers an inside look at the craft brewery that leads the canned beer revolution. This is definitely worth checking out as it provides a ton of information about Oskar Blues and the people that bring you all those great canned brews! Cheers!

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Monday, December 6th 2010

Fireside Chat
(21st Amendment Brewery)

Just a few days ago, December 4th, marked the 77th anniversary of the repealing of the 18th Amendment to the Constitution with the almighty 21st Amendment! Thus ending the era of prohibition. What better way to mark the occasion than by enjoying 21st Amendment Brewery's latest release!

With this new canned offering, 21st Amendment has again managed to be the first to can a certain style of beer with this Winter Warmer (or Spiced Winter Ale). I have to say that the graphics for this can are great, they really show how far we've come with canned beer in the past 75 years! FDR sitting down with a drink and talking to an elf. Awesome!

From the 21st Amendment site:

"Like FDR's Depression-era radio addresses, which were like a kick in the butt and a hug at the same time, our Fireside Chat is a subtle twist on the traditional seasonal brew. We begin with a rich, dark, English-style ale and then we improvise with spices until we know we have a beer worth sharing with the nation.

Fireside Chat is our early winter seasonal brew available from October through December in six pack cans and on draft. Brewed like a classic, warming Strong Ale but with a subtle blend of hand-selected spices for just the right festive flair."

Here we go...


Pour - dark amber with some nice reddish hues when held to the light. A rather thin off-white head fades to a ring of film rather quickly. Very deep and dark in appearance. Perfect for a winter brew.


Aroma - malty, sweet and sour, light caramel, apples and cloves. Reminds me a bit of warmed red wine and spices. 


Taste - sweet and sour on the tongue sort of like the aroma. It has some bitterness, some black cherry, a bit of apple cider, not a whole lot of those spices maybe just some hints at nutmeg or cloves with a very vinous in the finish. By that I mean it has a dryness on the tongue similar to red wine. At almost 8% its a bit boozy too which is nice as it does a good job with the winter warming bit.


Overall - I really dig this beer as its quite unique. The flavors may not mesh completely perfectly but each sip brings something new and once this warms it really has some complexity. If you've got some red wine loving friends that stray away from beer you might want to share this with them.


Would I buy more of it? - sure. I'm glad it comes in a six-pack and I will look forward to trying more of it next winter (or maybe later this winter as its a long one here in New England). 


Note - Fireside Chat is brewed with assorted spices as well a cocoa nibs. This is the first winter they've released this beer and it will be quickly followed by their other seasonal release, Monk's Blood.


Can Scale:
(See All Rated)
Fireside Chat
Style: Winter Warmer
Brewery: 21st Amendment Brewery
San Francisco, California  
United States  
Container: 12 oz. can
Malts: Pale, Munich, Wheat, Crystal, Aromatic, Chocolate Malt and De-Bittered Black
Hops: Magnum, Goldings
ABV: 7.9%
IBUs: 45
Date: December 6th, 2010

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Friday, December 3rd 2010

Hazed & Infused
(Boulder Beer Company)

Hazed & Infused is Boulder Beer Company's flagship brew and their first canned offering. With plans to expand their canning operation in the year to come it certainly will not be the last of their beers to end up in cans. I'm looking forward to seeing what comes rolling off the line in 2011!

From the Boulder Beer Company site:

"This unfiltered dry-hopped ale is "hazed" in its natural state and "infused" with a Crystal and Centennial hop blend, creating a flavorful aromatic brew."


Here we go...

Pour - a bright, almost glowing reddish-orange in the glass.  A decent inch or so of stark white foam sits atop this brew.


Aroma - wow, LOADS of big fresh hop aroma pummels my olfactory factory. I'm processing a ton of nice greeny, citrusy, piney smells and it sure is nice. I've had this beer in a bottle before and don't remember it exhibiting such an intense hop aroma. Could it be the can? 


Taste - a bit lemony and bitter on the tongue, some nice sweet, juicy orange follows. A decent amount of maltiness balances this one out nicely. I can't help but say that the aroma hops really stood out but the intensity in the flavor uis much more subdued. I doubt this is an issue as they sell a ton of this beer because of how it tastes. Big hop aroma and more of a balanced flavor. 


Overall - I love the aroma that comes from this beer as soon as it leaves the can. Definitely a very drinkable brew and one that I could session on a nice warm afternoon. This tastes super fresh despite it being a few months old I'd imagine. One more advantage of the almighty aluminum can!


Would I buy more of it? - I might now that its being distributed in cans out here in New England. Quite the candidate for a sunny, summer day outside in the backyard!


Note - Boulder Beer Company is/was Colorado's first microbrewery. It first took shape in 1979 when two CU professors were granted the country's 43rd brewing license. Hazed & Infused, the brewery's most popular beer, was introduced in 2002. 

Hops Scale:
(See All Rated)
Can Scale:
(See All Rated)
Hazed & Infused
Style: American Pale Ale
Brewery: Boulder Beer Company
Boulder, Colorado  
United States  
Container: 12 oz. can
Malts: U.S. Medium Caramel Malt, U.S. 2-row Barley, U.S. Roasted Barley
Hops: Nugget, Willamette, Crystal, Centennial
ABV: 4.8%
IBUs: ???
Date: December 3rd, 2010

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Friday, December 3rd 2010

Great Designs!
(2010 Year End Shout Outs)

Promoting your beers in today's craft beer market can be tough. You need great marketing and some serious package design skills. Here is our take on the can designs we really loved from 2010. Cheers!


Here we go...

New England Brewing Company's "Gandhi-Bot Double IPA"

What do we really need to say about this one? Gandhi-Bot is quite possibly one of the best pieces of can art out there and one we truly love, oh and the beer is pretty great too! Now, if only they canned their Zapato-Bot (Gandhi-Bot aged in tequila barrels)! Cheers to Rob and Matt at New England Brewing Company in Woodbridge, Connecticut! 


Crow Peak's "11th Hour IPA"

Crow Peak's 11th Hour IPA is the first canned craft beer in it's home state of South Dakota. Recently released, it should be grabbing the attention of beer lovers with its slick graphics and eye-catching use of contrasting colors (that green almost glows in the dark!). Cheers to everyone at Crow Peaking Brewing Company in Spearfish, South Dakota!


21st Amendment's "Fireside Chat" and "Back in Black"

It was too tough to choose one over the other so we decided to include them both. Just released, Fireside Chat pays homage to FDR sitting down with a drink in front of the fire. Back in Black, the first canned Black IPA, shows Paul Revere on his famous ride. Both show just how far can art has come over the past 75 years! Cheers to the crew at 21st Amendment Brewery in San Francisco, California!


Tallgrass Brewing Company's "Tallgrass IPA"

We love all the designs for Tallgrass' cans but we feel the IPA really stands out. The bold colors and that elephant really jump off the pint-sized cans. Artist Neil Camera was responsible for the illustrations used and did an amazing job! Cheers to Jeff and the crew at Tallgrass Brewing Company in Manhattan, Kansas!


Santa Fe Brewing's "Oktoberfest"

Simplicity seems to be the chosen route for new canners, Santa Fe Brewing Company. Their Oktoberfest really stood out with its Bavarian background and themed artwork on either side of the can. Great job! We look forward to more of your canned offerings! Cheers to the crew at Santa Fe Brewing Company in Santa Fe, New Mexico!


Additional Shout Outs...

Ranger India Pale Ale
New Belgium Brewing Company (Fort Collins, CO)


Third Eye Pale Ale
Steamworks Brewing Company (Durango, CO)


Next Up: First in Line

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Friday, December 3rd 2010

Maine's Baxter Brewing Breaks Last Barrier, Has Labels Approved

(LEWISTON, MAINE) DECEMBER 2, 2010 – With all its equipment, licensing and permitting in place, the last remaining impediment to production for Baxter Brewing Co., in the historic Bates Mill, Lewiston, Maine, was federal approval of its labels. That approval was issued by the Alcohol and Tobacco Taxation and Trade Bureau (TTB) today, clearing the way for the innovative new venture to start brewing beer.

“Since all our beer will go into cans – and kegs – and not bottles, we will not be using paper labels. So having the content of our labels receive federal approval is really, really significant,” explained Baxter founder and President, Luke Livingston. “Our labels will be imprinted directly on our cans, so we couldn’t have our cans fabricated until the content was approved. And we have to order cans by the truckload, so there’s considerable lead time,” he added. Cans will be supplied by Ball Corporation, and will be filled and packaged on state-of-the-art equipment provided by Cask Brewing Systems of Calgary, Alberta, CN; it is the only such equipment in use in New England.

“This ensures that we will have full distribution throughout Maine in January (2011),” Livingston said. The brewery plans to release its two flagship varieties – Pamola Xtra Pale Ale and Stowaway IPA – in January. Distribution will be provided by Pinestate Beverage of Gardiner, ME and Nappi Distributors of Gorham.

Pomola Xtra Pale Ale, named for the Abenkai god of weather on Mt. Katahdin, features subtle, sophisticated flavors from choice barley and select hops combined with cold conditioning that give this beer its exceptional drinkability.

Technical Specifications: 4.9% ABV / 27.5 IBU’s

5 Different premium malts including 1 from Aroostook County, Maine

4 different hops, 2 from small Willamette Valley, Oregon growers

Pure, soft water from Lake Auburn, Maine

Stowaway IPA is an agressively hopped, west coast-styled IPA, unique among IPA varieties brewed in New England. Its bold, complex flavors with a solid malt backbone and assertive hop profile, along with cold conditioning give this beer its crisp, clean finish.

Technical Specifications: 6.9% ABV / 69 IBU’s

5 different premium malts including 1 from Aroostook County, Maine

6 different hops, 2 from small Willamette Valley, Oregon growers

Aggressively dry hopped during conditioning

Pure, soft water from Lake Auburn, Maine


About Baxter Brewing Company

Founded by company President & CEO Luke Livingston (who is joined by Director of Brewing Operations/Head Brewer Michael LaCharite), Baxter Brewing Co., LLC is the first craft brewery in New England to can its entire line of beers. Located in the historic Bates Mill in Lewiston, Maine, Baxter beers will be distributed throughout the state of Maine in the winter of 2010/2011 and across northern New England in 2011-2012.

CRAFTCANS.COM NOTE: The cans above are just mock-ups and are not real.

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Thursday, December 2nd 2010

Big, Bold and Beautiful!
(2010 Year End Shout Outs)

Our year end shout outs continue with a nod to all those big, bold and beautiful brews that were available in cans this year. These are beers that push the limits of creativity, yeasty abiltiies and brewer know-how...and taste pretty awesome to boot! Cheers!


Here we go...

Oskar Blues' "GUBNA Imperial IPA"

Imperial certainly describes the behemoth of an IPA known simply as GUBNA! Tipping the booze scales at an astounding 10%, GUBNA will rock your palate and warm your soul. We get a little giddy just thinking about what the canned beer pioneers might come out with next. Cheers to everyone at Oskar Blues Brewery in Lyons, Colorado! 


The Brewer's Art's "Resurrection"

The Brewer's Art released just one canned beer this year but to their credit it was a 7% Belgian-style Dubbel! Resurrection is delicious to say the least and proof that cans aren't at all limited to Amber Ales and Lagers. Hopefully we'll see some more of TBA's brews in cans in 2011. Cheers to the good people at The Brewer's Art in Baltimore, Maryland!


21st Amendments "Monk's Blood"

The first oak-aged brew to be put in a can. Monk's Blood was also brewed with a vast array of ingredients (including cinnamon, vanilla and figs) and tips the scales at 8.5%. Classified as a Belgian-style Strong Dark Ale, it's definitely big, bold and beautiful. Cheers to the crew at 21st Amendment Brewery in San Francisco, California!


New England Brewing Company's "668 Neighbor of the Beast"

One of many insanely named brews from the fun-loving folks at New England Brewing Company. 668 Neighbor of the Beast is a super-smooth and delicious Belgian Golden Ale that packs a 9% wallop. Hand-filled and hand-labeled, each can holds something very special. Cheers to Rob and Matt at New England Brewing Company in Woodbridge, Connecticut!


Southern Star's "Buried Hatchet"

One of three beers being canned by Southern Star, Buried Hatchet is a departure from the relative normalcy of its two brethren. This big, bold, 8.2% Foreign/Export Stout is chock full of cocoa, coffee and malty goodness. Nice and warming on a cold day in Texas or anywhere else for that matter.. Cheers to the crew at Southern Star Brewing Company in Conroe, Texas!


Additional Shout Outs...

Cornstalker Dark Wheat
Thunderhead Brewing Company (Kearney, NE)


Ballz Deep Double IPA
7 Seas Brewing Company (Gig Harbor, WA)


Next Up:  Great Designs

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Thursday, December 2nd 2010

Narragansett Porter
(Narragansett Brewing Company)

Once known as Narragansett "Dark", this American-style Porter has been brewed by Narragansett since 1916. This winter marks the first time this seasonal offering has ever been put into 16 oz. pint cans. Like Narragansett "Fest", their fall seasonal, this one has a price point that is hard to pass up $7.99 for 6 x 16 oz. cans! Cheers!


From the Narragansett site:

"Gansett Porter offers an extremely approachable craft experience that, unlike many of the other porters on the market, is not overly smoky or bitter. The Narragansett Porter has a deliciously mild chocolate flavor with just a hint of smokiness and hops to balance out the finish.."

Here we go...


Pour - deep, dark brown...almost black in appearance with an ultra-rich and thick looking off-white head on top. This ebony treat really looks great! 


Aroma - malted milk balls, caramel, Nestle Quik, bitter coffee with whiffs of dark fruit.

Taste - creamy smooth, full-bodied with plenty of rich, malty flavor. Plenty of dark chocolate, cocoa, dark roast coffee and caramel malt as well. I do taste a little of that smokiness they mention in the brewery's description and feel it adds a very nice touch to the finish of this beer. Along with that bit of smokiness comes a nice amount of hop bitterness that comes with the American-style porters. I am impressed by this beer. Another well-done seasonal offering from the folks at Narragansett.


Overall - I love porters, especially when they're well-rounded. This one embodies all the flavor profiles I like and also has a creamy mouthfeel, a bitter/smoky finish and is full-bodied and not light on the tongue whatsoever. Lots of rich, heart flavors and perfect for anyone who loves the style or dark beers in general.


Would I buy more of it? - I would. Like their "Fest", a six-pack of 16 oz. cans is going for about $8 here in New England. Very affordable for a quality brew.

Note - Some more about this particular beer from Narragansett...

The History: "The Porter has been a part of the Narragansett Brewing Company’s brewing tradition dating all the way back to 1916 (often found under the name “Narragansett Dark” in bars). In fact, the Porter helped ‘Gansett survive Prohibition because the brewery was given a patent by the US Government to brew it for medicinal purposes. Apparently, ‘Gansett Porter was believed to be the cure for whatever ailed you, and doctors would write prescriptions for it to help patients throughout New England with anemia and various other maladies.  Now the Porter is back and better than ever, and you don’t even need a prescription to get it.  So grab a 16oz pint can and enjoy!"



Can Scale:
(See All Rated)
Narragansett Porter
Style: American Porter
Brewery: Narragansett Brewing Company
Providence, Rhode Island  
United States  
Container: 16 oz. can
Malts: Black malt, pale malt, chocolate malt, munich malt, crystal malt, roasted barley
Hops: Chinook and Simcoe
ABV: 7.0%
IBUs: 28
Date: December 2nd, 2010

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Wednesday, December 1st 2010

IBUs, We Love Em!
(2010 Year End Shout Outs)

Our shout outs begin with an ode to all things canned and hoppy. These are some of the brews that made us smile while our tongues were numbed by a pleasant barrage of bitterness. Great work to all the brewers out there!

Here we go...

New England Brewing Company's "Gandhi Bot Double IPA"

The first hoppy brew that comes to mind when we look back at this past year is New England Brewing Company's "Gandhi-Bot Double IPA". This was an all out explosion of hoppy goodness and it appeared in both 16 oz. pint cans as well as 12 oz. cans. This was one amazing beer. Cheers to Rob and Matt of New England Brewing Company in Woodbridge, Connecticut! 


Sun King Brewing Company's "Osiris Pale Ale"

Sun King Brewing Company started canning their beers earlier this year and released an absolutely outstanding brew in their Osiris Pale Ale. Osiris drinks more like an IPA than a Pale Ale and certainly hits all the marks when it comes to hoppiness. Packaged beautifully in artfully designed 16 oz. pint cans, Osiris is well crafted both inside and out. Cheers to the whole team at Sun King Brewing Company in Indianapolis, Indiana!


SanTan Brewing Company's "Hop Shock IPA"

SanTan Brewing Company busted on to the craft canning scene with a handful of great beers this year. However, it was their Hop Shock IPA that really stood out. It was excellent and had a ton of fresh hop aroma as well as citrusy and piney flavors galore. All that we love about the American India Pale Ale style was embodied in this brew. Cheers to the crew at SanTan Brewing Company in Chandler, Arizona!


Surly Brewing Company's "Abrasive Ale"

Leave it to the guys at Surly to brew up a 9.7% Imperial or Double IPA and stuff it into a 16 oz. pint can. Previously known as 16 Grit Ale, before it ever graced the inside of a can, Abrasive Ale is a ridiculously "hop forward" brew that will leave you panting as your taste buds try to tolerate 120 IBUs. If you like your beers on the ulta-hoppy side, than this is for you. Did we mention that it's awesome? It is. Cheers to Omar and everyone at Surly Brewing Company in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota!


Tallgrass Brewing Company's "Oasis Ale"

Nothing beats a fresh hoppy beer and Oasis was absolutely amazing right off the line at Tallgrass Brewing Company (an experience I highly recommend). This is one of those not-so-easy-to-categorize-beers that makes up a growing portion of the creative landscape that is the American craft beer market. A malt laden brew that also has a huge hop presence yet manages to meld the two perfectly to present a very balanced yet hoppy beer. Great stuff for sure. Cheers to Jeff and the crew at Tallgrass Brewing Company in Manhattan, Kansas!


Additional Shout Outs...

Daisy Cutter Pale Ale
Half Acre Beer Company (Chicago, IL)


Full Nelson Virginia Pale Ale
Blue Mountain Brewery (Afton, VA)


Next Up:  Big, Bold and Beautiful

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