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Tuesday, October 30th 2012

Canning Soon: Six New Breweries with Plans to Can their Beers

The craft brewing industry continues to move full speed ahead while steadily chomping at the big boy's market share. With that growth comes a number of new breweries opening with plans for cans. Here's a six-pack to keep an eye on in the coming months...


Big Wood Brewery | Vadnais Heights, Minnesota

Big Wood Brewery caught us a bit by surprise. We hadn't heard anything about them and suddenly we found out about their plans to can three of their beers. Located just outside of the Twin Cities, Big Wood will be packaging their beers in pint cans. Look for these three cans in the coming months. 

Bark Bite IPA - It pours pale amber and delivers a classic IPA punch. The citrus hop aroma and soft body of our Bark Bite IPA is so solid, you can swing large from it all night long. And the semi-sweet finish will always coax you back for another enjoyable tussle under the foam.

Forest Ale - The crisp pine aroma and clean copper color lets you know that our Forest Ale is something special. It has a tart bite that signals it’s ready for fun, while the caramel and citrus notes provide a cushion for your taste buds. After you work hard get ready to play, hard, with Forest Ale.

Morning Wood - The blast of coffee flavor in this beer will send you right back to this morning when you woke up, stretched, and thought “Hey, this is gonna be a great day!” Morning Wood adds hints of oatmeal and malt to make every coffee-lover’s secret beer dreams come true.

High Jinx Brewing Company | Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Rhode Island is quickly becoming home to quite a few different breweries that are canning their beers. Joining breweries such as Newport Storm, Grey Sail, and Narragansett comes High Jinx Brewing Company. Each of their beers "serves as a tribute to a sacred beer drinking experience—whether you’re watching a baseball game, relaxing at home on a rainy day, or just catching up with friends at the local pub, High Jinx’s goal is to create a unique and fulfilling beer experience for you." Look for these three brews in cans soon.

Backyahd - The ultimate suburban brew, Backyahd is an aggressively hopped American IPA with a tantalizing hop aroma. The beer’s bitterness pairs perfectly with spicy foods coming straight off the grill. Enjoy it with friends, family, or whomever you choose. After all, it’s your Backyahd.

Barstool - Not too malty, not too hoppy, Barstool is designed for a night out with your friends. Our flagship beer is handcrafted with the freshest ingredients, including two-row barley and specialty malts. A blend of English and Czech hops top off this delicious golden ale, which can be enjoyed for hours on end.

Downpour - Downpour is the perfect “stay at home” brew. Dark, smooth, mysterious—this rich and flavorful porter is brewed with chocolate and crystal malts and a subtle blend of European hops. Downpour will warm you to the core and is the ideal accompaniment for a lazy day of movie watching or reading.

Bale Breaker Brewing Company | Yakima, Washington

Could there be a better place for a craft brewery? Bale Breaker is being started on a family hop farm that has been growing hops for 80 years! "Bale Breaker Brewing Company will focus on handcrafted ales that showcase the world-class hops grown in the Yakima Valley and will celebrate our status as one of the leading hop growing regions in the world." We can't wait to taste how fresh the hops are with their brews. Look for these two hoppy brews in cans soon!

Topcutter IPA - Our flagship IPA is a well-balanced yet aggressive West Coast IPA that showcases Yakima Valley hops at their finest. Late additions of Simcoe®, Citra®, Ahtanum™, and Mosaic® give this beer its complex citrus, fruity, and floral aroma and flavor. Named for a unique piece of farm equipment that removes hop vines from the trellis during the annual hop harvest, Topcutter IPA delivers loads of hoppiness all year long.

Field 41 Pale Ale - Don’t be fooled by the powerful hop aroma of Field 41 Pale Ale. This perfectly sessionable, but generously dry-hopped, Pale Ale drinks easy with a smooth bitterness and is named for the hop field that is home to Bale Breaker Brewing Company. Light and refreshing, it’s the perfect beer for a day on the river or afternoon on the slopes.

Tin Man Brewing Company | Evansville, Indiana

We love the theme that Tin Man has going as well as the designs for the first four canned releases! Tin Man is a brand new brewery that is both committed to the environment as well as the community in which they are located. They are, "focused on building and cultivating a knowledgeable, responsible, and thriving craft brew culture in Evansville, IN." Look for four of their beers in cans in the coming months. 

Circuit- Circuit tips a can to Czech pilsners with its light and crisp metallic finish. Its thirst-quenching flavor is mostly derived from heavy use of Saaz hops and it boasts amazing head retention for such a light beer. Whether on a hot day or with a plate of scampi, you’ll enjoy a cold circuit.

Rivet - Rivet whets your sensors with Caramel malts and Willamette hops to produce a more colorful and flavorful version of its English relatives – the bitter clan. Its toffee sweetness and mild bitterness make rivet the perfect complement to backyard barbecues and burgers.

Alloy - Upon sampling alloy, citrus notes turn to outright grapefruit with a malty sweetness just behind. Copper in color and well-balanced, its hoppy bitter finish dissipates quickly and leaves only one desire – more! Activate your hop sensors for a well-deserved glass of Alloy.

3 Gear - Our manufacturing went into maximum overdrive with kilos of dark malts, northern brewer and cascade hops. Though its flood of dark fruit flavor and hop aroma are big, this beer remains amazingly balanced and easy to drink. After a hard day of work, unwind with 3 Gear.


Confluence Brewing Company | Des Moines, Iowa

Confluence held their grand opening just this past week. "Confluence brews the hand-crafted beer that Des Moines, Iowa, can call its own. If you savor beer as both a bold taste adventure in the present and a connection with generations past, Confluence Brewery was founded for you. We’re devoted to creating a confluence of great beer, good friends and wonderful times — and look forward to bringing you together with a pint very soon." Look for three of their beers in cans soon!

Capital Gold - Glowing like the Iowa Capitol dome in Iowa’s capital city, Des Moines, this golden lager is brewed with time-honored German brewing methods. Its slightly sweet, bready, malty flavor is balanced perfectly by traditional German noble hops with medium-low hop bitterness.

Farmer John's Multi-Grain Ale - When most people think of Iowa, they picture flowing fields of grain for miles and miles. Created by a third-generation farm boy, Farmer John’s Multi-Grain Ale is amber waves of grain in a glass. A refreshing, blonde ale, it features a base of two row American barley malt along with a large portion of wheat malt, a small dose of rye malt and un-malted oats, corn and wheat.

Des Moines IPA - Iowa’s steady, well balanced nature is reflected in this IPA with its mix of medium body, lighter color and plenty of malt flavor to balance the massive hop impact. Citrusy and piney hops from the Pacific Northwest offset the robust malt flavor of the two-row barley and medium crystal malts. Des Moines IPA proudly represents the Hawkeye State in the category of American IPA, a favorite of beer connoisseurs all across the country.

Newburyport Brewing Company | Newburyport, Mass.

These guys just recently announced that they had "raised $1 million in private capital that will be used to expand operations to an 8,330 square foot facility." They will be first brewery in the state to just can and keg their beers. Look for three of their beers in cans in early 2013. 

Plum Island Belgian White 

Newburyport Pale Ale 

Green Head IPA 


Cheers and best of luck to all of you from us here at CraftCans.Com!



Posted by Russ