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Tuesday, November 8th 2011

Cigar City Unveils Can Designs!
Q & A with Artist Geiger Powell

Ever since we first heard that Tampa, Florida's Cigar City Brewing Company was going to start canning their beers we've been excited. Very excited. Which of their beers would they be canning? What would the cans look like? When and where can we find some of those cans? Questions like these have been filling our thoughts, well, along with the awesome notion that we'll soon be able to crack open a cold can of Jai Alai IPA. 

Until just recently we didn't have many answers to the Cigar City canning questions. That was until Geiger Powell, Media and Marketing Director at Cigar City and the artist behind the brewery's labels and now can designs, got in touch with us. Talk about making our day! Geiger was kind enough to share the graphics he designed for five different brands of Cigar City beer. He was also kind enough to answer all the questions we had been wondering about for some time now. Cheers Geiger- awesome job with the cans, they look great!

(CC) What was it that ultimately pushed Cigar City to look into canning some of their beers?

(GP) We feel that cans are a better container for beer than bottles for numerous reasons. The infinite recyclability, the lighter weight, the impenetrability to light...the list goes on. Cans truly are the superior container for beer.


"Cans truly are the superior container for beer."

(CC) What sort of timeline are you looking at as far as getting the canning line up and running and the first cans being shipped?

(GP) Hopefully by the end of the first quarter of 2012. We already purchased a canning line, we're just waiting on everything else to fall into place.

(CC) Which of your beers do you expect to be in cans first? Will all five brands that you've done can designs for make it into cans in 2012?

(GP) First and foremost we'll focus on five brands: Jai Alai IPA, Maduro Brown Ale, Tocobaga Red Ale, Hotter Than Helles Lager and Florida Cracker White Ale. We're also exploring some others, including Table Saison and Hot Blooded Foreign Stout, and possibly a brand new beer we've not brewed before, as well as potentially some very special beers.

(CC) Will your canning line have the ability to package both 12 and 16 ounce cans?

(GP) We're looking into it, but it should have the ability to do multiple size cans. We're certainly interested in exploring the idea beyond just 12 ounce cans.

(CC) Will cans of Cigar City be available in all of your current markets? Will cans enable you to expand distribution?

(GP) We'll focus first on our home base in Florida but eventually the cans will leak out to other markets. And we're focusing on our current markets for the near future before expanding much further beyond current projections.

(CC) What will the move to cans mean for Floridians? What can they do and where can they go with cans that they couldn't go with bottles?

(GP) For Floridians, canned beer means they can take their beer to the beach, to some parks that allow cans, boats, tailgating, and other activities where bottles are a hassle, or outright not allowed.

(CC) As the designer of Cigar City's cans. What was the biggest challenge? What about the benefits of the can as far as graphics go? 

(GP)The challenge was to come up with designs that popped as well as spoke true to what the beer inside is. We went over tons of prototypes before settling on where we are now, which is more closer to our bottle designs. The benefits of the can is being able to completely cover the vessel with our design. This creates a much more eye-popping product.


(CC) Is the world ready for Jai Alai IPA in a can? We say, Hells Yes!

(GP) We like to think so. There is still a minor stigma associated with cans and craft beer, but we look to change that.

"There is still a minor stigma associated with cans and craft beer, but we look to change that."

Coming to Cans in 2012!

Posted by Russ