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2227.Dark Voyage Black IPA (2013)Capital BreweryMiddleton, WIAmerican Black Ale12 oz.6.5%80
2226.Wisconsin AmberCapital BreweryMiddleton, WIVienna Lager12 oz.5.2%28
2225.Lake HouseCapital BreweryMiddleton, WIMunich Helles Lager12 oz.4.6%18
1954.Ghost Ship White IPACapital BreweryMiddleton, WIAmerican IPA12 oz.5.6%55
1910.Lake HouseCapital BreweryMiddleton, WIMunich Helles Lager16 oz.4.6%18
1177.Mutiny IPACapital BreweryMiddleton, WIAmerican IPA12 oz.6.2%70
840.Wisconsin Amber (1998)Capital BreweryMiddleton, WIVienna Lager12 oz.5.2%N/A
180.Island WheatCapital BreweryMiddleton, WIAmerican Pale Wheat Ale12 oz.4.2%N/A
63.Wisconsin Amber (2013)Capital BreweryMiddleton, WIVienna Lager12 oz.5.2%N/A
62.U.S. Pale AleCapital BreweryMiddleton, WIAmerican Pale Ale (APA)12 oz.5.0%N/A
61.Supper Club LagerCapital BreweryMiddleton, WIAmerican Pale Lager12 oz.???N/A

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