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Ska Brewing to Release Cans
of Rudie Session IPA
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Friday, July 18th 2014

Ska Brewing to Release Cans
of Rudie Session IPA

Rudie Session IPA will be unveiled Saturday, August 2nd at Sesh Fest
in Denver and will be available in 12 oz. cans in all of Ska's markets


Ska is proud to announce the release of its first mainstay since the death of Ten Pin Porter (RIP). Rudie session IPA weighs in at only 4.5% Alcohol by volume but is hopped  in the style an American IPA. "It's a beer you can drink for breakfast" says Dave Thibodeau, President and Co-Founder of Ska "We wanted to brew an aggressively hopped beer that you can drink a few of and still hold your shit together."

"We wanted to brew an aggressively hopped beer that you can drink a few of and still hold your shit together."

The beer was conceived through a long standing tradition of brewing a one-off specialty beer for the Durango Film Festival. "Every year we brew something different for the film fest." says Thomas Larsen, Head Brewer at Ska "It needs to be flavorful, approachable, and sessionable enough that folks aren't launching projectiles at the screen mid-film. The last few years we've been experimenting with low alcohol beers that retain the big flavor profile people expect of an IPA. We knew we were on to something." Rudie hits the shelves in early August and will be unveiled at the Colorado Brewers Guild's inaugural Sesh Fest on August 2nd at Sculpture Park in Denver.


Posted by Russ

Friday, July 18th 2014

SanTan Brewing to Introduce CanZilla Crowlers on July 24th

SanTan Brewing to Launch Arizona’s First Aluminum Growler 

Chandler, Arizona (July 18, 2014)— It’s official, on July 24, 2014 Arizona craft beer lovers will now be legally allowed to purchase and fill growlers made of materials other than glass. So, in true SanTan Brewing Company style – the CanZilla Crowler is born!

“The Arizona Craft Brewers Guild fought a great battle on our behalf to get the growler laws changed in Arizona. To celebrate these exciting times in local craft beer we are working to continue our promotion of the can as the superior packaging method,” said Anthony Canecchia, founder and brewmaster, SanTan Brewing Company.

The 32 oz. Crowler system will allow patrons to take their favorite SanTan beer to go including small batch seasonal brews that are only available at SanTan Brewing and not in stores – fresh from the tap, daily. These single use, recyclable cans are packaged, labeled and sealed right at the pub and are easily transported to any outdoor adventure or tailgate. Once sealed, each CanZilla Crowler keeps its freshness for up to seven days.

SanTan Brewing Company is the first brewery in Arizona to offer the CanZilla Crowler as an aluminum alternative to the traditional glass growler. There are about to be a lot of happy Count Hopula and Winter Warmer fans at SanTan this year.

About SanTan Brewing Company

Open since 2007 under the leadership of founder and brewmaster, Anthony Canecchia, SanTan Brewing Company has established a strong reputation as one of Arizona’s favorite craft breweries. In addition to brewing, SanTan features a friendly neighborhood brewpub in Downtown Chandler, which has quickly become one of the top local food and beer destinations in the Phoenix metro area.

All SanTan Brewing Company craft beers are Southwestern Style Ales. SanTan’s brews are fermented to completion and carbonated higher than traditional American beers for a more effervescent, crisp and refreshing hand crafted beer – perfect for quenching your thirst in the hot Arizona sun and throughout the southwestern region of the US.

In 2009, SanTan Brewing began distributing their Southwestern Style Ales throughout the state of Arizona, operating with a mission to pair craft beer with craft food that would inspire great conversation and good times. 2014 marks the beginning of taking this journey throughout the Southwest and California.

SanTan beers have won numerous national and statewide awards including two medals at the US Open Beer Championship: bronze in 2013 and gold in 2011. SanTan Brewing also took home a silver medal at the 2011 Great American Beer Festival and won Best Brewery in Arizona, selected by the Phoenix New Times and the Arizona Republic, in 2013 and 2011.

Check out SanTan Brewing Company online at www.santanbrewing.com and become a fan on Facebook at www.facebook.com/SanTanBrewingCo or follow them at www.twitter.com/SanTanBrewing.


Posted by Russ

Wednesday, July 16th 2014

No Heady? It's Cool. Here's Five Other Hoppy Cans You Need to Try!

Don't get us wrong, we love Heady Topper as much as the next hop addict. However, we also know that getting any on even a semi-irregular basis just ain't happening. The good news is that if a small brewery in northern Vermont can brew an amazing hop-forward beer, so can a brewery in any other part of this country....and many of them are doing just that. Here are five other hoppy canned beers you should also be trying to get your hands on. Cheers!

ZEN (Rhinegeist Brewery)
Cincinnati, Ohio

ZEN is not an Imperial IPA, in fact, it's not even a regular IPA. It's an American Pale Ale with so much tropical fruit flavor delivered from a heavy dosage of Mosaic and Cascade hops that you'd swear you were freebasing a mango. With an ABV under 5% this might be one of the most sessionable beers out there. This is an incredible beer from a brewery that's quickly making a name for itself and helping put Cincinnati on the map when it comes to craft beer.


Substance (Bissell Brothers Brewing)

Portland, Maine

If you live in New England you've probably heard word of some shiny metal cans of some IPA that apparently is incredible...that'd be Substance from Bissell Brothers. If you're from outside of New England, and word hasn't reached you yet, these guys can't brew beer fast enough to keep the masses happy. Substance is a super balanced, super dank, and altogether heavenly hoppy masterpiece that is making most Mainers say, "Heady who? Pliny the What?" These guys are doing what comes natural and killing it. 

077XX (Carton Brewing)

Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey

Carton Brewing has made countless mid-Atlantic hopheads happy with the recent canned release of their 07XX East Coast Double IPA. We guarantee once you've tried this beer you'll be wishing you could have an entire fridge full of it...and a backup fridge ready to go. Massive tropical flavors, big raw, resiny hop goodness and every possible thing you'd want in a big, fat, green, fresh, IPA. At 7.8% and 80 IBUs this one is balanced and not too potent. We honestly can't say enough good things about this beer. Get your asses to Jersey, high five the folks at Carton and take a few cases home with you. 


Flower Child IPA (Cambridge Brewing)

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Nothing fancy, but that's what makes this the absolute quintessential American-style IPA. Hopped and then dry-hopped with Simcoe, Centennial, Cascade, Ahtanum, Chinook, and Amarillo hops, Flower Child is aptly named. This beer defintiely drinks above its weight and delivers a punch after punch of citrusy goodness. If you want clean, crisp, and balanced here you go. If you want an almost flawless delivery of the most popular style of craft beer in America look no further. If you can't make it to the brewpub in Cambridge, see if your buddy living in Boston can send you some cans. 


Saint Archer IPA (Saint Archer Brewing)

San Diego, California

We're pretty sure the water in San Diego comes in at 50 IBUs and there seems to be no end to the number of uber hoppy IPAs being cranked out by brewers in the city. Saint Archer Brewing, which just celebrated their 2nd birthday, has a real winner with their self titled IPA. Huge floral notes, loads of those pineapple and juicy citrus flavors and enough malt to back it all up without taking away from that leading role the hops play so well. Brewed using six different hops and coming at 7% and 66 IBUs, this beer is nothing short on flavor and will have you smiling after just one sip. 


Disclaimer: There is nothing more divisive than a top whatever list. This is not that. If your favorite hoppy beer isn't on this list, it's all good. Let us know what it is, I'm sure we'd love it too. Cheers!

Posted by Russ


Thursday, July 3rd 2014

CANFEST Partners with Joseph James Brewing For 6th Annual Event

 CANFEST Partners with Las Vegas-based Joseph James Brewing Company to Present its Sixth Annual Canned Beer Festival

RENO, Nev. (July 2014) — Nevada becomes an oasis for canned beer on August 23, 2014 with CANFEST, presented for the first time by the state’s only brewery actively canning multiple brews, Joseph James Brewing Company, Inc. CANFEST celebrates breweries that utilize aluminum packaging and aims to shed light on the quality and vast selection of craft beers in cans.

Now in its sixth year, the festival found an ideal partner in the southern canned beer advocates and their diversity of style offerings, including a gluten free beer. Together, CANFEST and Joseph James Brewing Co. will continue to enhance canned craft beer’s reputation and notoriety in Nevada and beyond.

“The one thing CANFEST needed was an injection of Battle Born love for canned beer,” said event co-producer Ty Whitaker. “Joseph James’s notoriety is skyrocketing. They give canned beer a great name. We are really excited to join forces with such talented brewers.”

“Joseph James Brewing Co. is excited to partner with The Abbi Agency to present CANFEST,” said brand manager Andrea Allison. “We realize this is an opportunity to showcase our growing collection of canned beers and promote the Nevada craft beer community. This event provides an excellent opportunity for craft breweries to collectively educate consumers about their beers and the benefits to serving craft beer in cans.”

The Peppermill Resort Spa Casino hosts CANFEST in the 62,000 square foot Tuscany Ballroom. The event opens at 5 p.m. for VIP ticket holders, 6 p.m. for general admission attendees, and this year is extended until 11 p.m. Additionally, VIP tickets include a full buffet dinner. CANFEST offers more than 100 different canned beers from around the world for unlimited tastings to all ticket holders.

Tickets are on sale now at Craft Wine & Beer, BrewChatter, and online via the Peppermill box office. Advance tickets are $35 for general admission and $60 for VIP. Students can purchase a discounted $25 general admission ticket only at Midtown’s Craft Wine & Beer.

CANFEST will also conduct Reno’s first commercially BJCP sanctioned beer competition this year, awarding medals to individual beers based on the BJCP judging criteria.

In addition to a plethora of canned beers to sample, festivalgoers will enjoy live music from Los Angeles-based folk rock band Rose’s Pawn Shop, a silent disco dance party, and bicycle-related activities provided by non-profit partner The Reno Bike Project.

CANFEST is produced by The Abbi Agency, a Reno-based digital communications firm behind the event since its inception, and presented by Joseph James Brewing Company.

Partners for 2014 include Craft Wine & Beer, Tahoe Mountain Sports, The Can Van, Plato’s Closet Reno, 104.1 KRZQ, BrewChatter, and more. A portion of the event benefits the Reno Bike Project, a non-profit bicycle shop and advocacy group committed to creating a nationally recognized, cycling-friendly community through advocacy, education, and cooperation in the Truckee Meadows.

For more information visit www.canfestbeer.com or email info@canfestbeer.com.

Posted by Russ

Thursday, July 3rd 2014

Golden Road's Carry On Citrus Ale to be Airport Only Canned Release

L.A.’s Golden Road Brewing and global restaurateur HMSHost have teamed up to release the first craft beer made exclusively for airports, Carry On Citrus Ale. Inspired by the spirit of the American traveler, Carry On represents the growing demand for both craft beer and a better travel experience. The citrus-forward ale will be Golden Road’s first brand available outside of its California-only distribution and will hit HMSHost venues in 16-oz cans at select airports by July 4.

“The craft beer industry embodies the American dream’s pillars of innovation and opportunity,” said Meg Gill, co-founder of Golden Road Brewing. “Through our presence at LAX, we’ve seen how travelers recognize and associate these ideals with our beer. Our partnership with industry leader HMSHost allows us to dig even deeper and connect this ethos on a national scale while fulfilling our mission to increase craft beer accessibility.”

Those flying through major California cities, Phoenix and Las Vegas this Fourth of July will be the lucky first (of many) to taste the adventure-driven beer before a phased roll-out to more than 30 airports by the end of 2014. The first widely commercially available style of its kind, the Citrus Ale features hops from the Pacific Northwest and organic citrus from Southern California, a nod to Golden Road’s roots. The resulting combination marries an approachable profile with bright flavors synonymous with L.A. for a full-flavored, journey-enhancing brew.

“Partnering with Golden Road Brewing to develop a craft beer for travelers has been a great adventure in itself,” said HMSHost Senior Director of Adult Beverage & Restaurant Development Doug Draper. “Carry On Citrus Ale is sure to enhance the traveler’s journey; with such a flavorful combination of ingredients, it’s a great way to relax before boarding the plane.”

HMSHost and Golden Road share a commitment to thoughtful partnerships that provide a unique experience for the consumer. Just as HMSHost has held strategic relationships with Anheuser-Busch InBev and the Boston Beer Company, enhancing the adult beverage experience for travelers all over the world, with innovations such as the use of appropriate glassware for various brews, and in consistently creating the perfect pour, so too does it continue to evolve trends in airport dining and drinking through brand cultivation and forward-thinking projects in culinary, adult beverage, customer service and technology.

Carry On Citrus Ale will be available in the following city’s airports this July: Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Fresno, Oakland, Palm Springs, Sacramento, Santa Ana, Las Vegas and Phoenix. By the end of 2014, the beer will enter airports in Chicago, Denver, Minneapolis, Portland, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Boise, Spokane and nine major airports in Florida.

Carry On Citrus Ale will be available in the following city’s airports this July: Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Fresno, Oakland, Palm Springs, Sacramento, Santa Ana, Las Vegas and Phoenix. By the end of 2014, the beer will enter airports in Chicago, Denver, Minneapolis, Portland, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Boise, Spokane and nine major airports in Florida.

Coming mid-summer, Golden Road will launch a social media sweepstakes for a chance to win a VIP experience and trip to the brewery in sunny Los Angeles. Official rules and details will be available at www.goldenroad.la/carryoncontest.


About Golden Road Brewing

In 2011, beer enthusiasts Meg Gill and Tony Yanow founded Golden Road Brewing to bring fresh beer to the local market in the most sustainable way possible. Brewed and canned in Los Angeles, Golden Road’s year-round offerings include Point the Way IPA, Golden Road Hefeweizen, Get Up Offa That Brown, 329 Lager and Wolf Among Weeds IPA. Golden Road is committed to engaging and supporting the growing community of socially-minded beer enthusiasts in Los Angeles. For more information, please visit goldenroad.la.

About HMSHost

Global restaurateur HMSHost is a world leader in creating dining for travel venues. HMSHost operates in more than 100 airports around the globe, including the 20 busiest airports in North America. The Company has annual sales in excess of $2.7 billion and employs more than 30,000 sales associates worldwide. HMSHost is a part of Autogrill Group, the world’s leading provider of food & beverage and retail services for people on the move. With sales of around €4 billion in 2013, the Group operates in 30 countries and employs some 56,000 people. It manages approximately 4,700 stores in over 1,000 locations worldwide. Visit www.HMSHost.com for more information. 

Posted by Russ