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Monday, May 23rd 2016

Fort George Team's Up With Barley Brown's and Melvin Brewing for 2016's 3-Way IPA Release

3-Way IPA Summer 2016

A Fort George, Barley Brown’s, and Melvin Brewing Collaboration 

Throwin’ down the truth about 3-Way IPA 2016, straight from the OGs in charge – Chris Nemlowill at Fort George, Tyler Brown of Barley Brown’s Beer, and Jeremy Tofte from Melvin Brewing (with translations for the non-brewers).


Chris Nemlowill: “Straight up, mad props for your hops. If your kettles had kicks, they’d dunk on Motumbo.”

Jeremy Tofte: “Word. All your ickies are stickies and your drank is dank.”

Tyler Brown: “My Brewers! Bring it in.”

3-Way IPA is a collaboration based on mutual admiration. It’s a chance to share ideas and techniques with some of the world’s finest IPA brewers. Ultimately that knowledge is utilized in the brewing process and refined over the course of extensive beta batch testing. Four test batches were brewed this year, each with subtle changes to ingredients, amounts, and timing of additions.


Tyler: “Shoot for 7.4?”

Chris: “7.3 ABV works for me.”

Jeremy: “7 point 35, right down the middle. Call it a sessionizzle.”

Tyler: “Fo shizzle."

With the grain bill the goal was to produce an ultra-pale color, creating a simple yet solid canvas for maximum hop expression. 2-row barley is the base with additions of Pilsner, C15, and wheat (although Carapils was used in one test batch). A lower than average mash temp decreased the amount of residual sugar. This allowed the beer to have sweetness derived from the hop character rather than the malt. Astoria’s slow sand-filtered water is ideal for brewing. This was enhanced with gypsum and calcium chloride to decrease the mash PH and improve hop utilization.


Jeremy: “Mo’ hops, mo’ money.”

Chris: “Long as my pint is phat, I don’t give a f*** where my IBUs at.”

Tyler: “I feel ya. Make the beer, don’t let the beer make you.”

Hop additions were as follows:

1st - Apollo hops for bittering - a high alpha hop that tends to exude grapefruit notes and contributes to an elaborate citrus character as it interacts with the aroma hops.

2nd - Simcoe, and a lot of it. This addition is 2x the quantity of the 1st addition.

3rd - Simcoe, Citra, and Mosaic, added later than the average 3rd addition to decrease bittering and magnify the pleasant citrus character.

Dry Hopping – Double dry-hopped with Galaxy, Mosaic, and Citra. These hop additions create peach, pineapple, and grapefruit taste and aroma. The second dry hop addition is roused with CO2 to boost the hop efficacy.


Jeremy: “We cool?”

Chris: “Keepin’ it real.”

Tyler: “One love.”

3-Way IPA is an unfiltered beer, pale in appearance, combining a balanced juicy body, superb lacing, and every citrus fruit aroma you can imagine. Give your beer its props - keep it cold-stored and drink fresh.

Look for Fort George 3-Way IPA in 16-ounce four-packs and draft starting the week of June 13 and throughout the summer. Fort George beer is distributed exclusively in the Pacific Northwest. For a preview join Chris, Tyler, and Jeremy at the following release parties:


Boise, Idaho - Thursday June 9th - 5pm to 9pm

PreFunk Beer Bar - 1100 W Front St

3-Way IPA and an assortment of taps from

Fort George, Barley Brown’s, and Melvin Brewing


Portland, Oregon - Friday June 10th - 5pm to 9pm

White Owl Social Club - 1305 SE 8th Ave

Live music from Brass Monkeys - no cover

3-Way IPA and an assortment of taps from

Fort George, Barley Brown’s, and Melvin Brewing


Seattle, Washington - Saturday June 11th - 5pm to 9pm

Brouwer’s Cafe - 400 N 35th St

Live music from Brass Monkeys - no cover

3-Way IPA and an assortment of taps from

Fort George, Barley Brown’s, and Melvin Brewing


About 3-Way IPA – A Fort George summer seasonal in a can since 2013. Every year features a new collaboration, a new recipe, a new can design, but with the same 3-Way IPA name. 3-Way IPA is a chance to share techniques and knowledge with some of the finest IPA brewers in the country. It’s an opportunity to swap stories and forge new relationships. And ultimately it’s about the beer – a unique IPA each and every year. Available in 16-ounce four-pack cans and draft from June to September, distributed exclusively in the Pacific Northwest.

2013 – Fort George, Gigantic, Lompoc

2014 – Fort George, Boneyard, Block 15

2015 – Fort George, Georgetown, pFriem

2016 – Fort George, Barley Brown’s, Melvin Brewing

About Melvin Brewingwww.melvinbrewing.com - Talk of Melvin began on the West coast - but the heart of Melvin started beating in the small town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. With big ideas and even bigger barrels of hops, Melvin now takes off (its pants) in the hands of Owner Jeremy Tofte, Co-Founder/Drunken Brewmaster Kirk McHale, and head Production Brewer Dave Chichura. Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

About Barley Brown’s Beer - www.barleybrownsbeer.com - Barley Brown's is a family-owned brewery and restaurant offering a wide variety of awesome pub food and small-batch, hand-crafted beers. Baker City, Oregon.

About Fort George Brewerywww.fortgeorgebrewery.com - Fort George crafts original beers distributed exclusively in the Pacific Northwest. Whether in cans or kegs, at the pub in Astoria or on your front porch, Fort George beer brings people together in aromatic headiness and lupulin ecstasy. Astoria, Oregon.

Posted by Russ

Monday, April 18th 2016

Oskar Blues and NOLA Brewing team up and can The Wolf and The Lamb

Longmont, CO & Brevard, NC. - Oskar Blues Brewery and NOLA Brewing teamed up to create a limited release collaBREWation in honor of the historic New Orleans Jazz Fest

The creation involved a daylong brewing session with the NOLA and Oskar Blues teams at the brewery in Longmont, ColoRADo. The result: The Wolf and The Lamb. The crews teamed up to double up the Double Pilsner style, cranking out a 7% super-pale lager packed with Pilsner malt and loaded with Czech Agnes and Styrian Wolf hops. Crisp and spicy aromas dotted with floral, sage-like undertones of berries, pineapple, and citrus. A slightly bready medium bodied lager flavor continues the European hop onslaught with more herbal and spicy fruity character.

Oskar Blues and NOLA Brewing share a mutual love of music and wanted to create something that embodied the people, passion, and spirit of Jazz Fest. Part of the project was to engage a local artist to create custom artwork for the can. J. Pierre is a legendary Louisiana artist whose work has been featured in Essence Magazine, HBO's Treme, House of Deréon, and in the Mayor of Louisiana's office. J. Pierre utilizes his strong command over mediums such as oil, acrylic, pen, ink, aerosol, and house paint to create a print as vibrant and soulful as the Louisiana culture.  

In addition to members from the breweries, the collaboration beer and twenty special edition "The Wolf and the Lamb" signed and numbered giclee prints will be available from J. Pierre on 100lb hot press paper at the following events:

-Avenue Pub 4/20 (Wednesday) @ 4:20pm

-The Bulldog Uptown 4/20 (Wednesday) @ 7pm

-World of Beer Warehouse District 4/21 (Thursday) @ 7pm

-Howlin Wolf  4/23 (Saturday) @ 8pm

-Maison on Frenchmen St. 4/24 (Sunday) @ 8pm

Oskar Blues has been a long-time fan of NOLA Brewing as the first craft-beer-in-a-can brewery in New Orleans and stream of quality beers brewed with love in New Orleans. This partnership marks Oskar Blues one-year anniversary in the Louisiana market.

The brew will be available for a limited time in Colorado and Louisiana markets so get it while you CAN. 


About Oskar Blues Brewery 

Founded by Dale Katechis in 1997 in Lyons, Colorado, Oskar Blues Brewery launched the craft beer-in-a-can apocalypse with hand-canned, flagship brew Dale's Pale Ale. Today, Oskar Blues is one of the fastest growing breweries in the country and operates breweries in Longmont, Colorado and Brevard, North Carolina, while producing 192,000 barrels in 2015. The original canned craft brewery continues push innovation with the announcement of an Austin, TX brewery in April of 2016 and creations like The Crowler while it distributes to 49 U.S. states, Washington, D.C., as well as parts of Canada, Sweden, and the U.K.  


About NOLA Brewing

NOLA Brewing Company, a craft brewery founded in 2008 in New Orleans, makes high quality beers for every palate, from the craft beer neophyte to the aficionado. With each beer we brew, our hope is that it lives up to the standards of the city we call home - no small task. Our brewing philosophy is simple: we brew beers that we want to drink, using the best ingredients available. NOLA Brewing was conceived in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina when the number of commercial brewers in New Orleans was zero. Now years later, we're proud to have played a part in the development of what has become a formidable local craft brewing industry. NOLA Brewing is located at 3001 Tchoupitoulas Street and online at nolabrewing.com, and on Facebook.com/NOLABrewing and is @NOLABrewing on Instagram and Twitter.

Posted by Russ

Sunday, February 9th 2014

Crooked Stave and Upslope to Release Wild Beer in Big Cans

(Boulder, CO) – The time has come for Denver-based Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project and Boulder-based Upslope Brewing Company to unveil the first installment of Crooked Stave’s Ferus Fluxus series – Wild Belgian Pale Ale. After nine months, the collaborative beer is ready for its highly anticipated release.

For this unique barrel-aged project, Upslope’s Limited Release Belgian Style Pale Ale was inoculated with carefully chosen strains of Brettanomyces and Lactobacillus in first-use red wine barrels that were hand-picked at Rocky Mountain Barrel Company by Crooked Stave owner Chad Yakobson and Upslope head brewer Alex Violette.

Upslope's Belgian Style Pale Ale

The Wild Belgian Pale Ale that has been aging separately at both Upslope’s North Boulder brewery at Lee Hill and Crooked Stave’s Barrel Cellar for the last nine months will be available in two different package options. Crooked Stave’s version will be packaged in its standard 375 milliliter bottle, while Upslope’s version of Ferus Fluxus will be packaged in Ball Corporation’s 19.2 ounce Royal Pint can.

Upslope’s version of Ferus Fluxus will be packaged in Ball Corporation’s 19.2 ounce Royal Pint can.

“This collaboration was a great opportunity to reunite with my friends at Upslope and make a unique beer,” said Crooked Stave’s Head of Sales and former Upslope employee Kyle Krebsbach. “I have always thought our yeast would pair well with Upslope’s Belgian Style Pale Ale. Tasting the beer yesterday, I loved the crisp floral and citrus flavors followed with a nice tart and earthy finish.”

“It’s exciting to be a part of the first installment of what’s sure to be an awesome series. With the completion of our production brewery, space was freed up at our original facility to expand our barrel-aging program and experiment with bacteria,” said Upslope head brewer Alex Violette. “The opportunity to collaborate with our friends at Crooked Stave was one we couldn’t pass up. We all agreed that our Belgian would be perfect for this project. It highlights the tropical fruit notes from the Brettanomyces while maintaining a subtle oak character from the barrels.”

Fans looking to be the first to take a walk on the wild side can look forward to two release parties that celebrate this collaboration. On Monday, Feb. 17 at 6 p.m. Crooked Stave’s taproom at The Source will release bottles for $10 with a four-bottle limit, a half hour later at 6:30 p.m. drafts will begin pouring. The following day (Tuesday, Feb.18) at 6 p.m. Upslope will host a release party at its Lee Hill tap room featuring $14 cans of the Wild Belgian Pale Ale (limit three) as well as additional barrel-aged styles and afood truck.

Note: Ferus Fluxus means "Wild Flow"

About Upslope Brewing Company

Boulder-based Upslope Brewing Company is the creator of premium, filtered ale that is artfully crafted to compliment the outdoor lifestyle. Upslope beer is made with natural ingredients, including snowmelt. The five flagship beers include: Pale Ale, Craft Lager, India Pale Ale, Brown Ale and Imperial IPA. Additional installments are offered in a Limited Release Series. Upslope’s beer is packaged in aluminum cans because it is exceptionally portable, preserves the taste of the beer by keeping light out, and it uses fewer resources to pack and ship. In an ongoing effort to protect Colorado watershed, and the key ingredient in Upslope ale, one percent of Upslope’s Craft Lager revenue benefits the Colorado Trout Unlimited. Learn more about Upslope at www.upslopebrewing.com

Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project is the culmination of “Founder and Brettanomyces Guru” Chad Yakobson’s open source Master’s research, The Brettanomyces Project. Crooked Stave’s progressive approach to brewing blends science and art through creativity and passion. The artistic creations, all of which use Brettanomyces yeast and mature in oak, result in beer of extraordinary complexity.

Posted by Russ

Sunday, August 12th 2012

Collaborative Brew to be First Ever Canned American Wild Ale

We've known about the exciting collaboration between Michigan's Brewery Vivant and the almighty New Belgium Brewing Company for awhile now but we weren't entirely sure which packaging option the breweries would ultimately decide on for Escoffier Bretta Alethe name of their collaborative effort. They both have canning lines (New Belgium has a bottling line too) but this is a pretty special brew. We've now gotten confirmation that Brewery Vivant will indeed be canning the Escoffier Bretta Ale that's brewed in Grand Rapids and it will be distributed throughout the brewery's distribution network in September - which will also include Chicago for the first time.

Escoffier Bretta Ale, a 9.25% American Wild Ale, once canned will be the first of its kind ever clad in aluminum. The name of the brew is a nod to August Escoffier, a French chef, restaurateur, and culinary writer who helped popularize French cooking in the early 20th century. According to the approved can art, which features crossed cooking unensils and a brewer's mash paddle,  the beer was brewed to...

"...celebrate the connection between beer and food; brewery and chef. In fact, our whjole brewery is built around the notion that the two can come together to uplift the enjoyment of both. The name of our brewery stems from a term used in France and Belgium that describes this very thing. One who enjoys good food and drink is said to be a "Bon Vivant" - they enjoy the "Good LIfe."

New Belgium and Brewery Vivant share a common inspiration, that being Belgian-style beers, and both breweries worked on their own recipes for Escoffier Bretta Ale. The beer will be brewed at both locations using Brewery Vivant's house yeast for primary fermentation and then aged with New Belgium's wild yeast - Brettanomyces Bruxellensis. This should make for an interesting comparison between the two batches. The label says to expect a "dry beer with the classic "horse blanket" characteristics". Brett fans rejoice. New Belgium will be releasing their version in 750 mL bottles as part of their Lips of Faith series.

The fact that these two breweries are working together is a great example of the commaraderie that still exists in today's ever-growing craft brewing world where toes are becoming more and more susceptible to being stepped on.   Its similar to what Maui Brewing and Jolly Pumpkin did together recently Its nice to read these stories with all the recent bickering about beer names and labels - not to mention the recent trend with certain breweries calling others out for this and that. We'd love to see more of this and less of that. We're looking forward to trying this unique offering as soon as we can get our hands on some. Cheers!



Posted by Russ

Tuesday, June 4th 2012

Sobrehumano Palena'ole
(Maui Brewing Company)

Sobrehumano Palena 'ole, is a "blended Spanish-Hawaiian term meaning "superhuman" and "without limits". This is a collaboration brew produced by Maui Brewing and Michigan's Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales and is the first canned collaboration to feature the logos of both breweries involved. This is Maui's first canned collaboration, but certainly not their last as they've recently had Sam from Dogfish Head over to the islands to brew another upcoming canned release. Sobrehumano Palena 'ole is set to make its debut at Savor in a few weeks. The artwork is a nod to a shared affinity for paddleboading by both Maui Brewing Founder, Garrett Marrero, and Head Brewer, and Michigan native, John Walsh. 

From the Maui Brewing site:

"Sobrehumano Palena 'ole is a red ale brewed with liliko'i and cherries. Maui Brewing Company and Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales will both brew this beer; however Maui will use standard fermentation while the Jolly Pumpkin version is a barrel aged sour. The beers will be packaged both by Maui Brewing (in cans) and Jolly Pumpkin (in bottles). Maui Brewing will produce approximately 4000 cases and 80 barrels in draft of the Maui version."

Here we go...

Pour - cloudy, reddish-brown in appearance with a subtle white head on top. Looks a little mysterious and we're very intrigued.


Aroma - the very first whiff is French roast coffee or roasty malts, but that quickly becomes more of a tropical fruit aroma. Very unique aroma that has us shoving our faces into the glass over and over again. As it warms the aroma really takes shape and becomes something very special.

Taste - tart and tangy with some nice roasted malt flavors in the back. It all blends extremely well together. You can pick out the cherries and the passionfruit as this gets warmer which is when this beer really takes shape. The almost mouth puckering flavors from the fruits used in this beer really make this beer great and leave your tongue a little dry and thirsting for more. All we can say is try and appreciate all of the subtle nuances this ale has to offer. There aare many.


Overall - Hawai'i and Michigan may be thousands of miles away from eachother but they come together very nicely in every can of Sobrehumano Palena'ole. This is a great beer for summer as its got a very refreshing flavor profile and a sharp, almost sour, finish. We can't wait to see, and taste, the next Maui collaboration brew that comes out in the fall. Mahalo.

Note - Want to support Maui Brewing Company and their efforts to win a $250,000 small business loan? See below...

Maui Brewing Co. can be considered to win a small business grant sponsored by Chase and LivingSocial called "Mission: Small Business". Your support could translate into a $250,000 grant so please take a minute to visit www.missionsmallbusiness.com. Go to the "Log in & Support" button on the right, then login to your Facebook account. You will be directed to a page where you can vote. Just search for Business Name = Maui Brewing Co., State = Hawaii, City = Lahaina - and place your vote!

Can Scale:
(See All Rated)
Sobrehumano Palena'ole
Style: American Amber/Red Ale
Brewery: Maui Brewing Company
Lahaina, Hawaii  
United States  
Container: 12 oz. can
Malts: ???
Hops: ???
ABV: 6.0%
IBUs: 24
Date: June 4th, 2012

Posted by Russ

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