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Tuesday, June 23rd 2015

Stone Brewing Filling Crowlers

We've been waiting some time for Stone Brewing Company to indulge us with news that they're going to begin canning. Well, it seems it happened back on June 11th when the San Diego/Richmond/Berlin-based brewer announced that they're now filling Crowler cans.Yes, 32 oz. cans of fresh Stone goodness are now a thing...they're currently available at the brewery's World Bistro & Gardens location in Escondido. 

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Sunday, February 15th 2015

15 Great Places to get a CROWLER

The Crowler™ (CAN+Growler). 32 oz. of canned f'ing awesomeness. Unless you've been passed out under a rock these past 12 months then you've probably heard a little about this latest craze when it comes to craft beer. The Crowler™ is the brainchild of Jeremy Rudolf of Oskar Blues Brewery (of course Oskar Blues was involved with yet another canned beer innovation) and Ball Corporation


The CROWLER™ in action...

Back in November 2013, the brewery began filling these big cans with draft beer at their Tasty Weasel Taproom in Longmont, Colorado. They ingeniusly modified a tabletop canning machine, the type typically used for canning food at home, which enabled them to hand seam the lids on the cans one at a time right behind the bar (see the video above). It wasn't long before other breweries wanted to fill their own Crowler™ cans...and...well, the rest is history. There are now over 100 different bars, breweries, taprooms, growler stores, and restaurants in at least 5 different countries now offering Crowler™ fills. Here are 15 great places, in no particular order, that we feel are worth checking out! Cheers!

Oskar Blues' The Tasty Weasel Taproom (Longmont, Colorado)

Where it all began. Swing by the bar, its connected to the ever growing Oskar Blues brewery compound, and grab a few Crowler™ cans of barrel-aged Ten Fidy and/or one of their numerous one off and specialty brews. Hell, you can even grab a Crowler™ of their very own coffee beans (known as OBeans) that are roasted onsite and used in a few of their beers.

Cigar City Brewing Company (Tampa, Florida)

Florida is one of only two states that currently bans sales of 64 oz. growlers so 32 oz. growlers, and now Crowler™ cans, have been pretty popular for awhile. One brewery that you'll definitely want to visit and grab a few big cans to go is Cigar City (if you like beer you already know this). The brewery has a ton of amazing beers on tap (as well as a few ciders) so after you've sampled your share be sure to grab a few to go.

   Camden Town Brewery (London, UK)

Camden Town Brewery is a big part of the growing British canned craft beer revolution and the first to offer Crowler™ fills. Check out their taproom and sample their lineup of six core offerings as well as several limited releases before walking out with a few big cans!

Lone Star Taps & Caps (Lewisville, Texas)

This bottle shop and growler station located just north of Dallas is pretty much exactly what any craft beer fan would want located just down the street. It's clean, its sleek, and it features over 50 beers on tap that you can sample onsite or get in a Crowler™ to go. They've even get special Crowler™ labels made for special in-house brewery events (check out that Odell label above!). If you find yourself in Big D, keep up the theme and grab some Crowler™ cans from this place!

Mendez Fuel (Miami, Florida)

Mendez Fuel is not a craft beer bar with a quirky name. Its an actual gas station where you can fill your gas tank and run inside for lottery tickets and a few fresh Crowler™ cans filled with any of 16 different craft beers on tap. When a gas station has that many beers on tap we think its fair to say that craft beer can now be found everywhere!

DryHop Brewers (Chicago, Illinois)

DryHop is a one-stop type of place. Thirsty? They've got a great selection of beers brewed onsite. Hungry? They've got a pretty awesome menu. This is one hell of a gastro-brewpub and guess what? Yep. You can get a Crowler™ fiilled with Shark Meets Hipster (their Wheat IPA) or any of their other brews. Awesomeness.

Rhinegeist Brewery (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Cincinatti's beer scene continues to blow up and Rhinegeist Brewery is a huge part of all the great beer-related things going on in the Queen City. The brewery and taproom is located in a 25,000 sq ft space that is just plain epic. Cruise by nearby Findlay Market and grab some food before grabbing a seat and working your way through all of their top notch brews. When you're heading out just be sure to grab a Crowler™ (or two). Yes, they are really badass looking...just like all of their cans.

Moody Ales (Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada)

Located just outside of Vancouver, in beautiful BC, Moody Ales was the first establishment in Canada to offer the Crowler™. Visit the brewery and sample beers such as their Affable IPA or Smouldering Smoked Porter. By pre-packaging , Moody Ales makes grabbing a big ass can of their beer as easy as just grabbing whatever you need from the cooler.

Modus Operandi Brewing (Mona Vale, NSW, Australia)

Located north of Sydney, Modus Operandi is an award-winning Australian craft brewer with a penchant for American-style beers. They also just so happen to be the first brewery in Australia to offer their beer in Crowler™ cans - which might have something to do with the fact that they imported a former Oskar Blues brewer to make some kickass brews. As an FYI, if Australia isn't on your list of places to visit, well, it should be. It's an incredible country and has a ton of great little breweries producing some incredible beers.

Hough's Taproom & Brewpub (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

Hough's has 70+ taps and you can get a Crowler filled with any of them. Despite some ridiculous alcohol laws, Pennsylvania surprisingly makes it very easy for bars and restaurants to sell beer to go. Hough's takes advantage of this and gives lucky patrons the opportunity to take home a few Crowler™ cans of that hard to find beer they just enjoyed at the bar. Why can't more states be like this?

Ska Brewing Company (Durango, Colorado)

Ska Brewing sits pretty high on our list of breweries we've yet to visit. Not only is it a big part of the canned craft beer scene but it also sits in an amazing part of Colorado and offers some legendary beers. Oh yeah, its also 100% wind-powered and is the home of the one and only  The Container restaurant <--click on that link, seriously. Since Ska is good buddies with the Oskar Blues crew, they were one of the first to adopt the Crowler™. So, go there and grab some!

Strangeways  Brewing (Richmond, Virginia)

Part of the RVA craft scene, Strangeways brews up a solid helping of everyday offerings as well as a selecion of barrel-aged beauties and mouth-puckering sours. Recently Strangeways added the Crowler™ (a.k.a. the CAN-ABLE) option to the mix and now fans can get fresh cans of draft beer filled and seamed right there in front of them.

Garrison City Beerworks (Dover, New Hampshire)

This little brewery, which just opened in December, is the first in New Hampshire to offer Crowler™ fills. Having just opened for business a few months ago, they've got a lot going on. In the brewhouse they're focusing on Pale Ales, Porters, Belgian Ales, Wild Ales, 100% Brettanomyces beers and more. Definitely worth stopping in if you're driving up the coast of New England anytime soon.

SanTan Brewing Company (Chandler, Arizona)

SanTan is leading the charge when it comes to canned craft beer in Arizona. They were one of the first brewers in the state to can their beer and they play host to the annual AmeriCAN Canned Craft Beer Festival held in May each year. Along with being the first in Arizona to can their seasonal brews, they're also the first in the state to offer the Crowler...which they've dubbed the CanZilla.

West Sixth Brewing Company (Lexington, Kentucky)

West Sixth was the first craft brewer in Kentucky to can their beer. They're now the first to rock the Crowler™ - which they began filling last summer. Cruise by the taproom and you can sample a long list of beers - including their new spring seasonal which is a Belgian-Style Blonde. When you head for the door make sure to grab some Crowler™ cans to share with friends who couldn't make the trip.


For more on the Crowler™ check out http://www.oskarblues.com/crowler/ or email crowler@oskarblues.com

Posted by Russ


Saturday, January 11th 2014

(Oskar Blues Brewery)

Our very first CROWLER™ from Oskar Blues. Thanks to our friend Mike for making this possible. If you aren't familar with the awesomeness that is a Crowler™, you can learn all about it HERE. As for this fresh, hoppy, rye IPA, we can't wait to crack this quart-sized can of goodness open and enjoy what's inside. 

From the Oskar Blues site:

“In the Ozarks, the masked bandit is notorious for raiding the corn patch. Or, for finding—and eating—the perfectly ripe watermelon in the garden just before it's picked. Our handcrafted Masked Bandit India Pale Ale is a black rye IPA that is raccoon proof…as long as the raccoon in your neck of the woods isn't a hop head.”

Here we go...

Pour - dark amber with ruby hues and a fluffy white head. Pours clean and with nice carbonation. Definitely impressed by how well this travelled and how it pours and looks. 

Aroma - big whiffs of piney hops with some citrus and slight fruity aromas. Smells fresh and hoppy that's for sure, sort of like I just poured my own draught beer from the taps at The Tasty Weasel! 

Taste - plenty of big hoppy flavors with some spicey rye notes in the finish. Nice and balanced with citrus and some caramel sweetness forming a solid malt background. Very easy drinking and one for the hopheads for sure. 

Overall - this is an altogether excellent IPA! Smooth, crisp, hoppy, with just that kick of rye spiciness. If the folks at Oskar Blues are ever considering another IPA for year-round canning, well, we would certainly be in favor of this brew being made available to the masses. 


Notes - REEB is the name of Oskar Blues' owner, Dale Katechis' mountain bike company. You can learn more about these incredible bikes by checking out www.REEBcycles.com 


Hops Scale:
(See All Rated)
Can Scale:
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Style: American IPA
Brewery: Oskar Blues Brewery
Longmont, Colorado  
United States  
Container: 32 oz. CROWLER™
Malts: ???
Hops: ???
ABV: 7.0%
IBUs: ???
Date: January 11th, 2014

Posted by Russ

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