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Friday, April 13th 2012

Q & A with Luke Craig of Brew Cave

Two words, Brew Cave. Not familiar? We weren't either until yesterday when our lives were changed forever. Now that mini-fridge in the basement that's covered with brewery stickers and half-filled with beer no longer holds the same value it once did. In fact, it seems worthless and weak and sort of makes me just a bit sad when I look at it. The Brew Cave by comparison, which cost between $6,000-$7,000, is perhaps the greatest personal beer storage item ever created. It's literally a walk-in kegerator that stores 30 cases of beer and a half dozen kegs (it also comes in designer colors). We really had to know more about these things so we contacted the good folks over at Brew Cave and Luke Craig, of Craig Industries, was nice enough to get back to us. Cheers Luke. I bet you have your own Brew Cave and for that you are now the envy of everyone who ever reads this...


(CC) How are you associated with Brew Cave?

(LC) I am the VP of Operations for Craig Industries, Brew Cave’s parent company.


(CC) So, what exactly is a Brew Cave and why does every craft beer lover need one?

(LC) A Brew Cave is the ultimate beer storage refrigerator! That in itself should explain why it is a necessity. It basically comes down to three factors – it stores a lot of beer, keeps your beer really cold and of course gives you bragging rights.


(CC) Who came up with the idea behind the Brew Cave?

(LC) We make walk-in coolers. My business partner likes to brew beer and I like to drink beer. So it was natural for us to come up with the Brew Cave. We knew that if we wanted one, others would as well. It’s perfect for home bars and your local pubs.

Kegs and beer cases take up a lot of space, so we made it large enough to hold a lot of beer (or anything else you want to keep cold) but small enough to fit in your home.


(CC) When did the Brew Cave first go on the market?

(LC) We released the product about 2 years ago but didn’t push the marketing. It was just recently that the Brew Cave product line has started to take off.


(CC) What can you tell us about the background behind the Brew Cave? 

(LC) Brew Caves are manufactured in Quincy, IL which is about 130 miles north of St. Louis, MO. Brew Cave’s parent company is Craig Industries which has been manufacturing walk-in coolers and freezers for over 25 years in the commercial industry. Brew Cave is very similar to our commercial unit however, we have made a few product adjustments to target the residential industry. Whether a craft beer fan, a home brewer or a beer lover – we all would love to have this in our home!


(CC) Where would someone put a Brew Cave?

(LC) The standard product was designed for a basement or garage. However, we realize not all houses have a basement so the Brew Cave can be installed on any level of the home (the floored model would be recommended).

There are essentially 2 different models. One with a 4” insulated floor and one without the floor. The floorless model sits directly on the concrete floor however, we recommend the concrete be insulated. The model with a floor is recommended where there is no floor insulation.


(CC) How many do you think have been sold? 

(LC) We have sold several - but are just now starting to really promote the product and are preparing for an increase in sales.


(CC) Can they be customized?

(LC) We are in the process of adding new options such as multiple taps, etc. We are also working on adding our 22 different exterior metal colors as options on the website. If a different size is needed, we can manufacture custom sizes.


(CC) Are they costly to have as far as the energy the consume keeping your beer cold?

(LC) The Brew Cave will use about the same energy as a standalone deep freeze.


(CC) Are you a craft beer fan by chance? If so, what are some of your favorite beers?

(LC) When traveling I always make sure to try the local brews. I am a fan of any wheat beer, stouts and IPA’s. Boulevard Wheat is one of my favorites.


(CC) Do you think if I ask my wife enough times that she'll let me get one?

(LC) Well, I am not sure about that. However, I bet if you can somehow get her to believe that it will benefit her I am sure you will have a better chance. Tell her she can store anything she wants in there that she would put in her refrigerator. It can be used to store soda, bottled water, any food, leftovers, etc. AND she gains all that space back in the refrigerator where your beer was stored. Good Luck!


Posted by Russ